6 Steps to Use Google AdWords For Nonprofits

As a nonprofit you are allowed $10,000 free advertising monthly on Google Search with Google AdWords. Although certain terms and conditions apply, it is a fabulous opportunity to get a kick start at a campaign, boost your donation page, your blog and other web pages. It would be stupid not to take advantage of it. 


We have lined up 6 steps to get started with Google Ad Grants:

1- Is your organization eligible with Google Ad Grants?

  • Check if your country is eligible
  • Apply and register your organization to Google For NonProfits
  • Have a valid charity status determined by Google For Nonprofits
  • Have a live website with some quality content

To check out your eligibility click here 


2- Maintain your eligibility on Google Ad Grants

  • Have your ads linked to your website domain
  • Log in to your Google AdWords account at least once every three months
  • Choose the right keywords related to your organization and mission
  • Do not do commercial advertising
  • Do not use ads to promote back links
  • Do not display affiliate advertising websites


3- Why use Google Ad Grants?

With Google Ad Grants you will increase the 3 major aspects of any nonprofit organizations: volunteers, donations and visibility. Reach prospect donors and volunteers by using Google Search, match your keywords to your audience and get found!

Your donors or volunteers are searching online for Nonprofits just like yours, so make yourself visible! You get access to $10,000 free advertising monthly, so $330 a day. It is a lot! Google Ad Grants allows you to target your audience by region, so particularly helpful to reach to volunteers. 

Remember, the easier it is for your prospect donors to donate and the least efforts they have to make the more engagement and donations you will receive. Google Ad Grants will drastically increase your donations as long as your ads are done well. 


4- Pay Per Click

How do you set up your pay per click campaign on Google Ad Grants? Easy! As mentioned, you are allowed $10,000 a month, $330 a day and $2,00 per click meaning you have to set your click for $2,00 and choose your keywords accordingly. 

To set up your keywords, use the keyword planner to get ideas on keywords matching your services, organization or web page. Check your keyword PPC and your keywords competition. You want to target keywords with low competition and high search results.

If you do not know how to set your keywords, create an ad and Google will guide you through the process and find keywords that match your ads. Your ads should also be short, use action verbs and be action driven. Add a call to action to drive traffic to your website and to your donation page. Make your ad goal oriented!

Remember, if your keywords are not relevant to your ad or landing page your ad ranking is going to go down meaning that you will not be ranked high on Google Search. When your ranking goes down, so are your chance to get noticed and increase donations. 


5- How to manage your AdWords Account

There are 2 ways to manage your accounts: 

  • AdWords Express: Automatically manage when and where your ads appear and does it all for you. You just have to write your ad text and you are ready!
  • AdWords: Manage the campaign yourself and get access to more tools to target your audience!


6-  Check your results

Use your accounts to understand your campaign results and get access to "opportunities" to make your campaign better. Your Google AdWords account features all types of analytics, click-through, views, monthly cost and conversion. You will find out which keywords are the strongest, what is driving donations and recruiting volunteers. To get more campaign results, use Google Analytics to understand conversion and how your audience interacts within your website. 


Thank you for reading our article on Google AdWords for your nonprofit in 6 steps. Follow the instructions above and you are on your way to a successful campaign.

If you are having issues setting up your Google Ad Grants campaign, developing a strong advertising strategy or increasing your donations contact us today! We specialize in Google Ad Grants, learn more about us here.