How to Build A Great Landing Page

You may be wondering what is a good landing page? Or what conversion should you get from it? Well, a good landing page has at least a 20% conversion rate. If you are not there yet read the following steps to reach this goal!

1- Build An Effective Landing Page

  1. Headline: write a clear and concise headline, keep it action oriented and offer your benefits right away. 
  2. Benefit statement: under the headline explain your offer in 1 to 3 sentences. Then how your customers would benefit from this offer in 2 to 3 sentences.  
  3. Use bullet points, numbers and bolding for the benefit statement.
  4. Remove the navigation menu from the page or any other links, so your audience cannot leave the page unless to perform the action you want them to. 
  5. Add an appealing image or a video but if you include a video keep it short.
  6. Add share icons so your customers can share your page on social media. 
  7. Use the psychology of conversion, which is simple marketing psychology to get leads.




2- The Capture Form For Landing Pages

  1. The length of your image or text should mirror the capture form.
  2. Capture form: the form should be extremely simple with only the basic and minimum information you require. For instance, name, email, phone and company name.
  3. If you require more information from your customers add it on the second page.
  4. Add a call to action at the end of your form. Use action verbs such as "download" or "get it now."  



3- Features and Additional Information

  1. Pricing: to add pricing to a landing page add it below the capture form and make it a clear design separation. Make sure to keep your pricing simple and on 1 line only. 
  2. Q&A: to add a Q&A to a landing page keep it 10 questions or less and 1 to 3 sentences answers. Position your Q&A under your capture form. 
  3. Features: for additional features insert a clear headline with a 1 to 2 sentences description on each feature. You can add an icon or a small picture for each. Place the features under the capture form. 



4- Build a Thank You Page

  1. Deliver the offer or inform your customer exactly when they will get it and be precise such as "within 24 hours."
  2. Display the navigation menu. 
  3. Provide additional content about the product.
  4. Move your new leads into your buyer's journey with a new call to action. 
  5. Include other options. In your thank you page you can include other products to download.
  6. Add special offers or coupons. 



If you have any questions please feel free to comment below. For help building your landing pages or increasing your conversion rate contact us today.


Thank you for reading!

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