10 Easy Steps To Improve Your Ads

As an nonprofit owner or a marketer it is critical to have knowledge of Google Ad Words and to know tricks to improve your ads. Whether you are already using Ad Words for your business or not learning tips will help you in many other aspects of your business such as SEO, branding and most of digital marketing.

easy steps to improve your ads


Here we have lined 10 tips to improve your Google Ad Words account:

1- Understand Pay Per Click

Know your numbers meaning the amount you are willing to spend for each click and still maximize your return on investment (ROI).

2- Keywords

First, your keywords should highly be related to your ads and to your landing page. Ad quality on Google Ad Words is mostly based on the relevance of your keywords to your landing page. 

3- Your Selling Propositions

Base your click through rate with a strong USP (unique selling propositions) your business has. Write a short list of 3-5 unique selling points and make it a turning point for your audience. 

4- Negative Keywords

Add negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing to people who are not in your target audience or who are not interested in buying your products. 

5- Top of the Page

When it comes to Google Search focus all of your attention on getting the ads on top of the page above the search results and not on the side. You will get a much higher click through with ads your audience gets to see first. Although, to get on top of the page you need a high quality score so work on your ads, keywords and landing page!

6- Conversion Tracking

Do not forget to set up conversion tracking to understand which keywords work best for you and spend a couple minutes each day looking at your analytics and remove keywords that are not performing well. Set up Google Analytics to also help you understand the way your audience navigates through your site and how they make use of your keywords. 

7- Remarketing

Use remarketing and show your ads to an audience who has previously visited your website or used your apps. Remarketing is a great tool to target an audience who may not have bought your products the first time but who is interested in your business. 

8- Google Extensions

Use all Google extensions that fits your business, the more extensions you have the more you are giving your audience guidance and ways to contact your business first before your competition. Also, the more space you take the more of a chance you have to get a click. 

9- Geo-targeting

Enable geo-targeting in your ads, so users can see your location and find you easily when they are in your area. 

10- Keyword Planner

The more specific your keywords are the more you can target your ideal customers. Use keyword planner to find keywords related to your landing page and products, get keyword ideas or related keywords. Keyword planner is your best friend as it comes to Google Ad Words; use it to see your keywords competition, pay per click and search. 


Google Search or Google Display are some of the best way to get exposure and target your perfect customer. Start by building an advertising plan for your nonprofit, set your ad goals and maximize your ROI. 

If your nonprofit is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization you may be able to benefit from free advertising via Google Ad Grants. Not sure how it works? Contact us today and will find out if you qualify and manage your Ad Grants account. To learn more about us click here. 

Thank you for reading!


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