9 Ways to Publish Your Blog Posts & Increase Traffic

You have been blogging to increase traffic to your website and automatically generate donations. Although, you do not get as much traffic from your blog posts as you wish. To increase your blog donations and get leads you need to find better ways to distribute your content.

We have lined up 9 places you should be posting your blog articles daily:


1- SlideShare

SlideShare is the best tool to build amazing presentation in just a few clicks from your blog posts. Then you can share your presentation to the SlideShare community and increase your website traffic and place your nonprofit as an influencer in your field. Also, share your presentation on social media. 


2- Linkedin Groups

Share your blog posts on Linkedin groups that are relevant to your industry or create a group. If you choose to post your blog posts on another group, make sure the group has a lot of members, that it is built by an expert in your industry and that it allows shared content from other members. If you start a group invite your connections to join and you are on your way. 


3- Visual.ly

Visual.ly allows you to share graphic and visual content to their community. Although, you have to pay for most of Visual.ly features to build infographics, ebooks and others you can share your own graphics and increase your website traffic. Take one of your successful blog post, turn it into an infographic and share it on Visual.ly. 



Pinterest stays the number one social media to share your content. Post your blog posts with great infographics and you will definitely increase your website traffic, donations and brand exposure. 


5- Instagram

Instagram has a strong reach as Twitter because of the hashtags you get access to unlimited amount of prospect donors or customers in your community. Make sure your visual content is attractive and engaging, share your website in the caption and add good hashtags. 


6- StumbleUpon

On StumbleUpon you can easily add your content and share in on the StumbleUpon community. The content you will add will be in a web page format where users can see your full blog post as if they were browsing your website. Users scan through contents based on tags and your goal is to get likes. The more likes you have the more chance you will have for your content to be viewed by the community. 


7- BizSugar

BizSugar is a great platform if you are sharing business related article on your blog. You can share one blog post a day to the business minded community and increase your website traffic. If you have a nonprofit just think about blog posts that would speak or can be used by business owner as well. 


8- Scoop it

Scoop it is a great place to share your content and get noticed! Scoop it is mostly a content curator platform where you share others social media content and then get views on your own and increase your brand visibility. The only thing is that you need pay to share on more than one topic. So big a large topic where most of your blog posts would fit.


9- Reddit

If you are looking for a place to share your posts and get a large amount of traffic into your website Reddit is the best out there! You can target very specific niche and readers. Always share high-quality content on Reddit and within your industry or you can be easily removed from the sub-reddit. 


Thank you for reading our article on 9 ways to publish your blog posts and increase traffic. Take the time to look at each of these resources for your business and share away! 

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Guest Blogging 101

You have a blog and you have been struggling getting it off the ground? You may be wondering what you can do to build your brand credibility and customer loyalty. Look no further we have the solution, guest blogging!

Here you will find basic techniques to develop guest blogging, increase your subscribers and conversions:

1- Reach New Audiences

Guest blogging is the best way to reach new audiences. What is guest blogging? Simply another person writing on your blog about a particular subject or issue you have in common. The guest blogger is often an expert in your field. Once you find a blogger you think would be a good addition to your blog, contact him/her to write on your blog. This will extend your industry relationship and your contact list, which will give a huge boost to your next email marketing campaign!

You got it! It is very simple, most bloggers will enjoy helping you out and writing on your blog, so don't be shy and start contacting bloggers!


2. A few tips on guest blogging

1- Understand search engines- Understand the keywords that trigger your audience and what they search for when looking at your blog. Base your guest blogging strategy on it and find a blogger who is an expert in these particular keywords. 

2- Forge blogging partnerships- A great way to forge partnerships is to trade content with other bloggers such as your contact list.

3- Invite people to contribute- You next step is to invite bloggers to contribute to your blog once you have clarified the trade you will be making. 

4- Conduct interviews of potential guest bloggers- You should always be cautious who you invite to write on your blog. Check their subscribers and social media accounts to start that would be a good indication.  

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How to Become a Content Curator

You may be wondering what is content curation? Well, it is simply the best way to generate leads and expand your business. Why? Content curators bring out the best, most relevant and interesting content to followers. Content curators organize and share high quality content. 

Here are a few tips on a how to create content curation for your business or nonprofit:

1- Become a Content Curator

You do not always have to create new content but find what is highly relevant to your industry online and become an authority in your field and an information destination. This process allows you to do less work and have more impact. 

2- Content Curation on Your Blog

Target content on your blog that is specific to your audience. Then narrow your content by only using content from experts in your field. This process will drastically increase your SEO.

3- Collect Content to Teach

Users are looking for solutions to their problems, tips, how to and guides. So base your content curation on teaching your audience and make it a learning process for them.

4- Curate Users and Generate New Content

Curate users engagement from your posts and turn it into a new post. First, create a post and ask your audience for their comments, advice, etc... Then use their responses from this post and create a new post based on your audience interaction.

5- Curate Both Sides

Take an article with a particular point of view on a subject and find another with a completely different author and opinion. Then use both sides of the story to present unbiased information about this subject on a new post. 

6- Take an Old Post

Take an old post that had a lot of views and was very successful. You can either simply repost it or you can cut the post in half and ask for your audience information such as email address to see the rest of the post.

7- Do not automate

Don't automate your content; although, you should analyze your popular content on your website or social media and find what works best and pursue this direction. Most importantly always generate new ideas and new ways to appeal to your audience. 


Thank you for reading our tips on how to create content curation. If you have any questions please comment below or if you need help with your content curation contact us today.