How to Become a Content Curator

You may be wondering what is content curation? Well, it is simply the best way to generate leads and expand your business. Why? Content curators bring out the best, most relevant and interesting content to followers. Content curators organize and share high quality content. 

Here are a few tips on a how to create content curation for your business or nonprofit:

1- Become a Content Curator

You do not always have to create new content but find what is highly relevant to your industry online and become an authority in your field and an information destination. This process allows you to do less work and have more impact. 

2- Content Curation on Your Blog

Target content on your blog that is specific to your audience. Then narrow your content by only using content from experts in your field. This process will drastically increase your SEO.

3- Collect Content to Teach

Users are looking for solutions to their problems, tips, how to and guides. So base your content curation on teaching your audience and make it a learning process for them.

4- Curate Users and Generate New Content

Curate users engagement from your posts and turn it into a new post. First, create a post and ask your audience for their comments, advice, etc... Then use their responses from this post and create a new post based on your audience interaction.

5- Curate Both Sides

Take an article with a particular point of view on a subject and find another with a completely different author and opinion. Then use both sides of the story to present unbiased information about this subject on a new post. 

6- Take an Old Post

Take an old post that had a lot of views and was very successful. You can either simply repost it or you can cut the post in half and ask for your audience information such as email address to see the rest of the post.

7- Do not automate

Don't automate your content; although, you should analyze your popular content on your website or social media and find what works best and pursue this direction. Most importantly always generate new ideas and new ways to appeal to your audience. 


Thank you for reading our tips on how to create content curation. If you have any questions please comment below or if you need help with your content curation contact us today.