Guest Blogging 101

You have a blog and you have been struggling getting it off the ground? You may be wondering what you can do to build your brand credibility and customer loyalty. Look no further we have the solution, guest blogging!

Here you will find basic techniques to develop guest blogging, increase your subscribers and conversions:

1- Reach New Audiences

Guest blogging is the best way to reach new audiences. What is guest blogging? Simply another person writing on your blog about a particular subject or issue you have in common. The guest blogger is often an expert in your field. Once you find a blogger you think would be a good addition to your blog, contact him/her to write on your blog. This will extend your industry relationship and your contact list, which will give a huge boost to your next email marketing campaign!

You got it! It is very simple, most bloggers will enjoy helping you out and writing on your blog, so don't be shy and start contacting bloggers!


2. A few tips on guest blogging

1- Understand search engines- Understand the keywords that trigger your audience and what they search for when looking at your blog. Base your guest blogging strategy on it and find a blogger who is an expert in these particular keywords. 

2- Forge blogging partnerships- A great way to forge partnerships is to trade content with other bloggers such as your contact list.

3- Invite people to contribute- You next step is to invite bloggers to contribute to your blog once you have clarified the trade you will be making. 

4- Conduct interviews of potential guest bloggers- You should always be cautious who you invite to write on your blog. Check their subscribers and social media accounts to start that would be a good indication.  

Thank you for reading our article! If you need help in setting up or building your blog contact us. To learn more about us click here.