How to do your mid and end of campaign?

You have read our previous post on how to do an soft launch and hard launch campaign but in this article we are going to elaborate on your campaign mid-launch and end of campaign in a few simple steps:

1- Mid-Campaign Launch

A typical campaign last 8 weeks in which 4 to 5 weeks are your mid launch to keep getting people exited and engaged into your campaign. 

What is your communication for this stage?

  • Email marketing: 
    • Segment your email campaign to send customized messages to your different groups of supporters. 
    • Your different group include: 
      • Volunteers or blog subscriber
      • Average gift size
      • Last campaign or programs they donated to. 
      • Donation frequency
    • Create another group for fundraisers only
      • Provide your fundraisers with tips, email or social media templates, encouragement
  • Social media:
    • During your mid launch insist on visual content!
      • Pictures, graphics, videos
    • You have to grab people attention and inspire them to get involved
      • Tag donors and fundraisers in your posts
      • Thank donors for their gifts, etc...


2- End of Campaign

It is your very last week of campaign, so bring on a sense of urgency to your prospect donors! Make them understand there is a deadline and they have to act now!

What is your communication for this stage?

  • Email marketing:
    • Close your email marketing strategy with a 2 to 3 email series message
    • Add a thank you message
    • Think of what is still needed to reach your goals and go for this goal during your last week
  • Social media:
    • Install a sense of urgency within the audience
    • You can take some of the initial elements you had during your soft and hard launch
      • Count down to the end of your campaign
      • Graphs that shows what you have done
      • Show your progress and what is left
      • Showcase your donors


Thank you for reading our article on how to your mid and end of campaign. If you are having any issues with your campaign whether it is an awareness or fundraising campaign contact us today! We specialize in nonprofit marketing and fundraising.