How to Launch Your Campaign in 2 Simple Steps?

You have been working in setting up your campaign for weeks, but do you have a campaign strategy? Do you know what you should do during a campaign launch? The first couple weeks of a campaign are often the most important ones. There are 2 main campaign launches, soft and hard launch, here we give you some simple steps to follow to be successful in both:

1- Soft Launch

The campaign launch should be broken into 2 phases: soft and hard launch. 

It should be from 1 to 2 weeks long to recruit supporters into the campaign before opening it up to the large audience. You have to get the most dedicated volunteers to donate and start fundraisers in order to encourage the widest community to jump in your success story. You should reach out to power players and make them feel special! Make your key players understand that they are part of an exclusive group and of an amazing campaign. 

Who are your early adopters or volunteers? They are past successful fundraisers, dedicated volunteers and social media "gods."

What is your communication for the soft launch? 

  • Email marketing: 
    • Send personal emails to supporters to get them involved
    • Remind them of past supports and that they are part of a core group
    • Ask them to create personal fundraising pages on their own social media or via third party fundraising websites.
  • Social media: 
    • Be creative and have fun!
    • Do a count down to your campaign
    • Be extremely visual such as pictures of people involved in previous campaigns
    • Innovate in the way you engage your audience
    • Introduce your campaign name, message, slogan and hashtag


2- Hard Launch

It is the time to introduce your campaign to the whole community and launch it!

What is your communication strategy for the hard launch?

  • Email marketing:
    • Deliver a 2 to 3 parts email series to your contact list. Email series are here to remind your audience about your brand within a story, so make it as so!
    • Do a newsletter: call to action on weekly/monthly newsletters
    • On your website: have your campaign image on the homepage. Do campaign landing pages allowing click through leading up to your "donation" page.
  • Social media:
    • Include as much visuals as you can!!! Include pictures, videos such as video clips or documentary and testimonials.
    • Your goal is conversion! So find ways to get your traffic back to your website and your donation page. Always add up your website link to your posts. 
    • Make it fun! Include your volunteers from your soft launch, share pictures of previous donors, etc..


Thank you for reading our article on how to launch a campaign in 2 simple steps. Remember work on your soft and hard launch strategically weeks ahead!

If you need help with your campaign launch or your fundraising strategy contact us today! We specialize in nonprofit marketing and fundraising.