5 Tools For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Starting a digital marketing campaign means preparing yourself to execute various tasks that will affect your online success such as content creation, social media management, email marketing, web analytics, and a marketing platform. 

To manage all of these at once you need the best help you can get.

We have lined 5 of the best tools to create amazing digital marketing campaign:

1- Curata

Curata is the content creation and marketing platform you need for a successful digital marketing campaign. Curata will help you analyze your marketing and sales pipeline impact and streamline your content production process. With Curata you will build a predictable content supply chain for your business or nonprofit. It is an amazing content curation software where you can discover the best content for your business in an easy way and publish your content anywhere. 



2- Hootsuite or Buffer

The reason why we are looking at both social media management platforms to create your digital marketing campaign is because both are equally as good and free for your first social media account! Both platforms allows you to maximize your engagement, optimize your content creation strategy and get analytics to learn engagement patterns. You can also schedule your posts daily in a strategic manner. Any of the two would bring your social media game to the next level, just pick the one that suits your business the best!



3- Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg visualizes how people really use your website. It helps you understand what your audience uses and does not, so you can make all necessary changes. This tool allows you to increase conversions for your website, which is a definite necessity when launching a digital marketing campaign. You will be able to distinguish all the clicks you get on your website by referral sources and search terms. It also shows you how far down the page users scroll down and where they abandon the page. 



4- Doz

Doz is a marketing software that helps you create an organic marketing campaign and to launch a customized timeline of tasks needed to achieve your marketing goals. Doz has expert marketers and assign a marketer for each task of your marketing campaign. Doz features allow you to monitor the performance of your campaign, see your progress, track your traffic sources and view your keywords ranking.



5- Get Response

Get response is an email marketing platform; this tools helps you create email templates, turn leads into customers, build landing pages and get access to marketing webinars. It is a great software to build marketing platforms. You just import your contact list and get started, build newsletters, automate your marketing and publish your landing pages in an easy way! It is definitely a must try for your digital marketing campaign.



To get started to produce productive and successful marketing campaign we gave you a few tools above to make your life easier and optimize conversions. Do not be afraid to use them and you will considerably grow your digital marketing campaign and maximize your efforts!

We specialize in digital marketing campaign if you need help getting started with your strategy and launching your campaign get in touch with us today and we will help your organization grow! To learn more about us click here


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