5 Ways to Media Planning

It is now easier than ever to start a business or a nonprofit with all the tools available online, so you should know even more how to take advantage of them and decide which role will play your marketing and media decisions in your organization. 

We have lined 5 steps to follow one-by-one to plan a successful marketing and media strategy:

1- Be "in"

Your product or service you should be present where your customers are looking for it or where they are looking for similar products meaning that it should show up in search engines. You work is now entirely to remodel each aspects SEO are built on, such as your website, AdWords strategy and social media. Your product or service should show up in the regular search engines for all prospects to find. 

The best way is always to advertise on Google via AdWords and use pay-per-click to drive traffic to your website and generate conversions. Find the right keywords to use via keyword planner on AdWords and the ones that are relevant to your landing page and customer search terms. 

Remember, if the pricing is right and your nonprofit is findable you will attract leads if you place your product online. 


2- Your Product/Service benefits

When you launch a product or a service always think about your competitors first. What do they have to offer? How do they position their products? Once you have done your research you should position your products/services in a strategic way and be above your competition. Turn your benefits around and make sure your products are more attractive to the public than your competitors. 

Then, you have to start thinking of a way to showcase your product on your website and attract customers or donors. The product or service should be well described and sold via exclusive offers or other sales techniques. All of the product/service features should be defined clearly; think that your customers or donors should know exactly what you are selling before they even contact you. 


3- Measure

You now have to measure and understand what your customers do when browsing your website, where and when they contact you and become leads. You need to study each aspect up to the very last button of your website to find out where customers may get lost and loose track of your product/service.

For this, set your conversions via Google Analytics and track them. Once your customers arrive on your website ideally they should all make a conversion but it is not, so your goal is to increase their conversion level. For instance, certain type of languages you may be using on your website can make your customers turn the other way, so go study it. 

You need to clear everything up that is blocking a conversion and by doing so you may be uncovering the way to a new brand strategy and website structure. 


4- Branding

Work on your branding, remember what differentiate you from your competitors is the way you sell your product and your brand! It is by how well and how fast your customer can associate with your brand that you will get to a conversion. You need to understand your customers and the "marketing psychology" behind their actions and what triggers their purchase behavior. DO not be afraid to go into details here, the more you can uncover about your customers likes and habits the more chance you have to make it big! Also, use the 4 Ps while providing your service to your customers. 


5- The experience

Now think of the user experience you can bring to the table by simply facilitating the purchase of your product/service on your website. When you can provide a valuable and different experience to your donors you will easily get volunteers to represent your organization and speak highly of it to others and recruit. Because they can identify with your brand and the value you are giving them.

You have to manage your brand off and on the web and control the reputation you have been given. By controlling what is said about you there is no reason you can go wrong; remember, customers will learn how to manipulate your image and sometimes in a bad way.  Always have control over your website, do public relations in times of crisis and be extremely involved communication wise. 


Thank you for reading our article on 5 ways to media planning. Remember, always be in the market, showcase your product/service features and benefits clearly online, measure all possible conversions, work on your branding and on the user experience. Now you are ready for a successful brand positioning strategy and to successfully increase your donations. 

If you need help with your media planning strategy and all marketing efforts contact us today! We specialize in nonprofit marketing and we will help your organization grow.