How to Master Copywriting in 8 Steps

Everyone has some notions about copywriting. Although, there are some major tricks you need to acquire in copywriting that may not be obvious for all and require marketing skills in order to compete in a digital world.

We have lined 8 steps you need to follow to improve your digital copywriting strategy: 

1- Make it Scannable

Do you know that it takes people 2.5 seconds to judge your website landing page and know if they want to keep on or opt out? People only scan through online content and only notice important information they are interested in, which includes headlines, pictures, videos, etc.. Make your information readable in a fast path and make it stand out. For instance, add bullet points, visuals or strong titles. 


2- Storytelling

Tell a story and be entertaining! This applies to all digital copywriting such as advertising where you can turn "boring" information into a funny situation. Use humor and animate your website; for instance, use your 404 page to link back your audience into another page and make it fun for them as a hunting game. 


3-  Action Voice

Use action verbs to motivate your audience to take action! Don't just imply your audience to take action but tell them to or they are not going to do so. Use fewer adjectives in your copywriting it will be more effective. For instance, do not just imply your prospect donors should donate but write "donate now and help our organization." Use verbs throughout your website and on social media accounts and you will increase your visibility and donation rate. 


4- One action

Choose one action you want your audience to focus on and stick with it during your entire piece of content. Do not try to promote a couple actions you want your users to perform because they will only end up forgetting about all of them and get lost through it. Pick one action such as sign up to our email list or download this guide, turn your story around it and make it obvious to your readers. The action must be relevant to where your audience is in the sales funnel and add a call to action. 


5-  Headlines

Write what your content is about in your headline; your audience should already know what your content is about only by reading your headline. For instance, you have a landing page where users can download an how-to guide, so say in your headline "download this free how-to guide." 


6- No Objection

Eliminate objections your audience has about your products or services. To start build a list of 10 major objections your audience has about each of your product/service and use their objections in your content. For instance, your audience believes the price is too high on a certain product so convince them that the price is fixed at market value and they would be getting a deal by purchasing it.


7- Urgency

Always give a sense of urgency to your readers when you are selling any products or services. Give your audience an actual fact or reason for them to be acting now and use it in your call to action. For a product you can say that the offer is expiring or that you have a short inventory. Make your users understand the offer will not be available anymore past this date. 


8- Value Proposition

Make your nonprofit unique and stand out form your competitors. Highlight your traits in copywriting and create a clear value proposition that demonstrates you are unique. Sum it up in your headlines and make it stick with your audience just as your slogan. 


Thank you for reading our article on 8 steps to master copywriting! If you are having issues with your copywriting strategy contact us today!