Write a Compelling Message in 5 Steps

Whether you are writing a nonprofit business plan or starting a new campaign you need to craft an engaging message to appeal to your prospect donors and stand out from your competitors. When crafting a message you should target to your audience's values and needs.

We have lined 5 steps to develop a compelling message:

1- Your Audience

There are two different ways marketers use to draft messages: 

  • You marketing: Marketing that focuses on the organization, the message only turns around the organization itself. 
  • Me marketing: Marketing that talks to the audience and to their needs. It is a far better way to address a message and it triggers your prospects interests as the message revolves around them.

To find out which marketing strategy you have been using look at your website, print materials and everything you have written about your organization. What do you center around? You or audience? Now think of changes you can apply to make your messages "me marketing." 



Change your organization mission and message based on CRAM: Connecting, rewarding, actionable and memorable. 

  • Connect with your audience on issues they are experiencing.
  • Offer rewards for taking action.
  • Actionable also called call-to-action that is bold and clear. 
  • Make sure your target audience or prospect donors remember you.


3- Call-to-action (CTA)

Each message has a very adequate yet efficient call-to-action. The guidelines to create a good CTA are as follows: 

  • Specificity: use action verbs and go straight to the point. 
  • Feasibility: scale your message to a small and doable action. 
  • Prioritize: your goal is to get a person information as email, so you can work this potential donors down to the sales funnel until a donation.
  • Straight forward: remove all unnecessary obstacles leading up to a prospect donor abandon.
  • Picture: your target audience needs to picture themselves performing this CTA, so make them visualize it. 


4- Engage

Now that you understand how to build your message around the CRAM. We are going to elaborate on how to captivate and engage your audience during the reception of your message.

  • Cross-channel: your campaign should always be cross-channel integrated. Every channel should be used to its full potential such as email marketing, social media, donations page, phone,...
  • CRM: make sure your customer relationship management is on point, so define how you are going to interact with your donors and be consistent in the process. 
  • Be personal: interact with your prospect donors on a personal level.
  • Be authentic and transparent with your financial situation and donations.
  • SEM: work on your search engine marketing and back links.
  • Segmented list: do not forget to segment your lists of prospect donors, so you can customize your message.
  • Testing
  • Volunteers: usually during your soft launch get your volunteers to engage in your campaign.


5- Passion

Bring passion into your message!

  • Tell your story: storytelling based on your organization and founder's story to remind of morals and values. 
  • Email strategy: have a follow up email strategy for all donors and volunteers. Thank them, keep them up-to-date with the progresses of your campaign and your goals. 
  • Ask for feedbacks
  • For major giving offer phone calls with board members pre and post donations. 
  • Live events: make your organization human and treat your followers as members of your team. 


Thank you for reading our article on 5 steps to compose a compelling message. If you need help writing your message, launching your campaign or planning your strategy contact us today. To learn more about us click here