Get your organization in the public eye

Cause Forward U.S is a communication agency. We specialize in brand recognition and awareness, public relations, media planning and strategy to build a relationship between your audience and the media. 

We implement a successful communication strategy for your organization tailored to your goals to acquire new leads and boost donations. 

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Communication tactics with measurable impact


Cause Forward U.S is a communication agency that assists nonprofit organizations in achieving their goals via an impactful communication strategy. We offer solutions to build your brand recognition and awareness and increase donor loyalty and conversion rates. 


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Brand awareness and storytelling to improve donor acquisition

We build a brand awareness strategy to drive growth and brand recognition across all media channels. We define an innovating and unique branding identity to captivate leads, boost donor engagement and add a source of inspiration. We craft a compelling storytelling initiative to provoke an emotional appeal to drive action and entice donations.  

  • Develop your brand, culture, values
  • Define or redefine your message
  • Set your brand's personality 
  • Craft a storytelling strategy

Public relations and media planning strategy to increase your impact

We use PR and media planning to drive exposure to your organization and campaign. We manage your entire online presence, strategy and database. We focus on awareness, lead generation and supporter retention strategy to engage your community.

  • PR strategy, write and distribute press releases
  • Select media distribution channels
  • We draft a media planning strategy
  • Build a media database and a newsroom

Our focus

What is communication? It is the element that ties everything together from your branding to fundraising and all digital strategy related to communication. What is your message and what makes your organization different? These are questions that should be answered prior to starting any fundraiser. Organizations that are unsure about their positioning or do not have the right way to get their message to their audience and to distinguish themselves from the competition will face challenges.

Cause Forward U.S is a communication and fundraising agency that partners with organizations to achieve their goals using cross-channel PR and media planning techniques by driving engagement, brand recognition and donations. 


What we do

  • Planning & strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Message 
  • Public relations
  • Press release
  • Article/ interview
  • Case study
  • White paper
  • Infographic
  • Media planning
  • Media database
  • Newsletters