5 Simple Digital Marketing Tips to Get Donations

You know more than anyone as a nonprofit CEO or employee that it takes more than a website to get prospects to donate to your organization. The digital world is evolving at an unprecedented rate and it is critical that you keep your marketing efforts up to date to be found online. 

To help improve your brand and donations we are giving you 5 digital marketing tips to follow and implement: 

1- Advertise

Yes you probably guessed it, the best way to get noticed and to drag prospects to your website is to advertise on Google and on social media. What makes successful advertising is the strategy behind it. Plan your campaign well, start by targeting donors in your area or in your community where your organization is. As always choose your keywords wisely, include your address and phone number. Then track your ads results and apply changes to keywords that are not working well. 


2- Your landing pages

When your prospects click on your ads they are taken into a landing page on your website. This page needs to give your prospects exactly what they are looking for and match your ads. It is often recommended to create a special landing page for the ad itself. 


3- Your website

How can you know if you are going to make a conversion from your ads? Are your prospects going to make a donation? Have you done a good enough job with your ads for prospects to be hooked?  Your website needs to be following the trends and always test your prospect behavior on your website. Is it a particular ad or something on it they relate to better? if you do not have success with a page switch it up. Your content is very important and should be shareable. For this, use your blog and post daily to appear higher on search engines. Your website should also be responsive on all devices. 


4- Backlinks

Getting backlinks is a great way to rank higher in search engines but how do you get links back to your website? As Huffpost Business suggested you should start by creating an infographic on your business. Know topics people search for and are interested in your industry and use Google Trends to start. Do the infographic then post it on your social media and sent it to blogs and influencers.  


5- Analyze

Then analyze your marketing efforts, understand where your business needs help and where you have been successful. Create a strategy plan to follow up with your organization directions, goals and make sure your team efforts are coordinated. Find out if your ROI has been met and change your digital marketing around it.


Thank you for reading our article on 5 simple digital marketing tips to get donations! if you need help with your marketing and fundraising strategy and management contact us today!