Create Content Marketing with a Purpose in 6 Steps

How to process content marketing and plan an amazing content marketing strategy to increase your conversions and donor base? Learn content marketing with a purpose!

Here we have lined up a 6 steps to follow to plan a content marketing strategy:

1- Personas

  • 1- Plan your personas: their purpose, format, topic
  • 2- Create your personas: buyer's personas, buyer's journey
  • 3- Distribute
  • 4- Analyze
  • 5- Repeat


2- Awareness Stage (Buyer's Journey)

Focus on the elements as follows: 

  • Analyst, research and report
  • Ebook
  • Editorial content
  • Expert content
  • White Paper
  • Educational content


3- Consideration Stage (Buyer's Journey)

Focus on the elements as follows: 

  • Expert guide
  • Live interactions
  • Webcast
  • Podcast
  • Google Hangout Video


4- Decision Stage (Buyer's Journey)

Focus on the elements as follows:

  • Vendor comparison
  • Product/Service comparison
  • Case studies
  • Trial download
  • Live demo


5- Concepting Worksheet

Build a content marketing worksheet and include: 

  • Personas
  • Topic keyword
  • Buyer's journey
  • How will this help?
  • Format type
  • Content structure
  • Content title

For more information, look up HubSpot Concepting Worksheet. 


6- Call-to-action (CTA)

  • Your CTA should be action oriented!
  • Use action verbs in your CTA.
  • Include a consistent keyword or keyword phrase throughout your landing page.
  • Your CTA should be attention grabbing such as an appealing color palet. 
  • Page placement such as your blog on the sidebar or subscribe email at the bottom.
  • A/B testing 
  • Report
  • Think of 10% conversion as a good goal for your CTA


Thank you for reading our article on content marketing with a purpose in 6 steps! Remember, create your personas, understand the buyer's journey stage you are in and adapt appropriate content marketing strategy for each. Then work on your worksheet and CTA. 


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