How to Create Your Marketing Checklist and Budget in 5 Steps

Your nonprofit should increase its online marketing efforts at all costs and make it a priority but you also need to push your offline efforts. You need to plan both accurately to get through your day and launch your campaign. We are giving you 5 tools to create your marketing checklist and budget to be successful: 

1- Online Checklist

Understand that there is no recipe to your digital and offline marketing efforts it depends on numerous factors such as your audience, donors, funding, volunteers and others. But you can start you marketing mix by using the checklist below and then see what your organization will prioritize. Write each of the following digital marketing aspects and next to them develop the tasks that suit your organization:

  • Website
  • Social media ( facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
  • Paid advertising (Google AdWords)
  • Public relations on websites/blogs
  • Special events page
  • Online donation page
  • Email outreach (email newsletter, fundraising efforts)


2- Offline Marketing Checklist

Do the same exercise for your offline marketing checklist:

  • Printed supports (brochures)
  • Direct mail
  • Newsletter
  • Paid Advertising (print)
  • Public relations placements (magazines, radio, TV)
  • Special events
  • Call calling


3- Your Budget

You now have to establish the budget you will give to each of your online and offline marketing efforts. It is always best to have a monthly budget particularly if you have fundraisers and special events. Have a budget for each of your marketing check points. Do not forget to have funding for advertising, which requires a lot more than your regular marketing budget. Unless, you are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit and you can benefit from free advertising on Google AdWords as much as $10,000 a month. Although, you still need a budget for your print advertising, radio, etc..

To get your budget together start by your most important marketing tasks and lined up a budget next to each one. As an organization your budget is often limited, so always prioritize and think of what your organization needs most, what requires to get done and give it the largest part of your budget. See what is left of your marketing checklist and give it the rest of the budget.


4- Marketing Calendar

Your next step is to create a marketing calendar to schedule and coordinate at once all of your online and offline efforts. In your calendar do not forget to add all marketing aspects you have on your checklist on a daily basis and go into details as much as possible! For instance, add your content story line, your social media post and pictures and your blog article synopsis. This will also help you when you do a campaign and you need to go through 8 weeks of planning for your soft launch, hard launch, mid launch, end campaign and post campaign. Have it all planned out as much as you can think ahead. 

Start your calendar by listing your most important marketing efforts, the ones you cannot do without such as website, events, etc.. Once you have your marketing goals down then you can think of the steps required to accomplish them such as a newsletter or article. It may also be a good idea to do your scheduling around certain types of audience and specific channels you want to use.  


5- Roles

Don't forget when you do your calendar to assign your team to each specific tasks, so you know exactly who does what and how and you are not overwhelmed. Think about the quality and speciality of each member of your team, which a lot more difficult to do when you have mainly volunteers in your team. For volunteers, look at their background and experiences but mostly what they enjoy doing the most and give them guidelines. 


Thank you for reading our article on how to create your marketing checklist and budget in 5 steps. Start by making your online and offline marketing checklist for each item you want to use, then get your budget plan together, do your marketing calendar and assign roles. If you follow these steps you will be well on your way for a successful marketing strategy!

After reading this article if you feel that you need help with your marketing checklist, budget and strategy or plan a successful marketing campaign contact us today! We specialize in marketing and fundraising for nonprofits.