How to Get Quick Results from Digital Marketing

To build a successful digital marketing strategy for your nonprofit there are 2 ways to go either organically, which will take some time to generate leads or for a strategy that will generate a lot of results fast. When you invest in an organic strategy you will want to focus mainly on SEO, content marketing and social media, which may be long to build conversions but will pay off in the longterm. Today, we are giving you 3 steps on how to produce quick results from your digital marketing strategy. 


1- A large audience

When you have a large audience everything gets easier! You will get faster results from any campaigns and be able to increase your number of users and conversions quicker. We can say that around 2000 or more followers on your website, contacts and/or social media would qualify as having a large audience.

How to engage them? It is time to send out good deals and send them cross-channels even to blog subscribers. As always share great content on all social media and make sure that the conversion funnel on your website is well updated. Users should not have to click more than 3 times until they get to the conversion page and the conversion should be clear and attractive. Obviously, when you do not have a large audience you have to build it from scratch so do not employ the same strategy. It is often recommended to start by building trust and credibility from previous work or launch a package deal campaign. 


2- Leads on your website

Your prospects want to see history in converting leads into customers/donors on your website. They want to see that you have a history and that users trust you. If you can prove that you have previously sold or generate donations successfully you are already well on your way.

What happens when you have no history of donors? It is usually based on 3 main factors: first, it is related to what you are offering, so your donations price set, quality of services or market. Second, you might be hitting the wrong audience; what matters is not the number of monthly visitors but the quality. Always target visitors you know may have an interest in your organizations or brand. Third, if your message is not clear, inviting nor targeting your audience you are not going to generate leads. To sum up, if you can sell on regular basis it is easier to implement your digital marketing strategy but for the ones who are just getting started or launching you cannot hope for sales right away, so you have to find ways around it to show history. For instance, offering free deals such as ebooks or doing work for free will build your history quickly.


3- An advertising budget

Now we are getting to the easy part. If you want to get customers/donors fast and do not have a large audience or an history of conversion you have to start by putting a budget together for advertising, which will give you leads very quickly. This step should come at no surprise for most, once you start advertising you will get traffic right away. Also, the more visitors you have on your website even if they are not converting the more you can measure and adapt your strategy and find new ways to attract new customers. To sum up, you either need an advertising budget, a history of donations or a high audience to generate results. If not, it is not impossible to do it the organic way but it will just take a lot longer probably at least one year. 


Thank you for reading our article on how to get quick results from digital marketing. If you are having issues creating a successful digital marketing strategy for your nonprofit contact us today.