How to Prioritize your Digital Marketing Efforts

We all know that our ads and content often get lost in this highly digitalized society. To get your message to stick with your audience you have to be extremely creative and have a well thought strategy plan. Most and foremost you have to prioritize your marketing efforts to focus on what is important and get your points across to your customers or donors. 


1- Advertising

Advertising is a priority in your digital marketing strategy, particularly as a nonprofit when you can have access to Google Ad Grants and get free advertising monthly on Google search. In order to prioritize your advertising strategy it is recommended to follow the 70-20-10 rule made by Marketing Land. In fact, 70% of your advertising efforts should target Google and Bing, 20% Facebook Ads and 10% the newest ads platforms such as Yahoo and Instagram. The goal is to help you prioritize your budget on what works and what will reach the most customers for your business. 


2- Get online

If you take all marketing optimization strategies put together the number one to pay a particular importance to is your website. Your website should be on top of your list and not be neglected as every other marketing elements depend on it. Always, make your website responsive, pay attention to page loads, user experience and your conversion funnel. 

Once your website is up to speed you need to focus on three main marketing elements: audience, mobile and video. First, you need to segment your audience to make your message stick to your customers/donors. You would not talk to someone who donates $20 to your organization the same way you would to someone who donated $1000, so put it in action and apply it to your audience. Plus, by segmenting your audience you will understand more clearly which customers are making a transaction, how and when and then you can adapt your strategy based on it. 

Second, prioritize your sales funnel on mobile as it has become one of the main ways customers take to make a purchase or donation. As for your website, your mobile responsiveness, user experience and speed are critical to your marketing strategy. 

Third, create amazing videos and market them well. Videos are now the most important aspect of content marketing and one of the largest source to acquire prospects and can be a life saver to any campaigns for your organization.

To sum up, prioritize your advertising based on the 70-20-10 rule. Your website is your number one marketing priority then focus on audience segmentation, mobile and video and you are on your way to build a successful digital marketing strategy.

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5 Ways to Build Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan

To get started as a nonprofit you need to have a solid marketing plan to be able to attract donors and funding but also fulfill your missions. A good marketing plan has essential components you cannot get out of and you have to take time to think over.

We are giving 5 tips to follow to build a successful nonprofit marketing plan: 

1- Research

Research your industry as a whole. Why are other organizations successful? What do they want to get out? What is their main marketing efforts? First, make a list of your main competitors even the upcoming ones. You have to see this research from another angle as a donor, a community member, etc.. Then you have to understand who are your donors, employees and volunteers. What is your organization giving them that is so special and particular? Do they follow you on social media? Do they act as an ambassador for your nonprofit? 


2- Input

You have to know who your target audience is and what their goals are. For this, there are 2 ways; first, build buyers personas based on your audience demographics and characteristics to get a clear idea of where your audience stands in the buying process and when they will be more likely to make a conversion.

Second, have a meeting with your board and understand as a group what their intentions are in regards to your nonprofit and what their participation will be in the industry. You can survey your leadership and get a feel for their expectations. Your leadership also includes major donors and volunteers. After doing that, you will understand where you stands in regards to the competition. 


3-  Nonprofit marketing plan

Now time to craft a plan. Your plan should be tailored to your organization and set goals that are achievable and not unrealistic. You should set monthly and yearly goals for the next 3 years. Set a timeline along your goals and make sure your timeline accounts for all elements that come in between.

Then set who will be responsible for each of these actions and know exactly who is going to be taking care of what and how. Write down the ressources your team will need to achieve the goals and the cost of these ressources. In your plan, you have to list both online and offline efforts you need to achieve your goals which include but limited to: social media, advertising, email marketing and direct mail, banners, etc.. 


4- Discussion

Now, it is time to discuss your plan with your board and get their agreement on it. For this, you should back it up with strong data and know the inside and out of it. Then, you should know your industry well and show them you have done research on what works. Then, apply your plan to your employees. 


5- Track

You should build a report to understand your profit and losses on a weekly and monthly basis and built ways to track all of these mechanism in that are relevant to your organization. You have to know all about your organization in order to refine your plan. You have to be able to understand what is working but also to adapt to trends and technologies and new ways to improve your organization. You always should be ahead of your competition and of techniques that will help you improve. 


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5 Simple Ways to BOOST your Digital Marketing Strategy

To sell your product or service you need to target customers that will turn into leads nonetheless to say you need to attract the right ones and through your website! But how do you make the most out of a few web pages? Also, you should always try to rank as high as you can in search engines, well what if you are not?

We are giving you 5 tips to build a great digital marketing strategy from nothing:

1- Your Audience

Who are your customers? What triggers their purchases? How do they end up to your web page? What are their demographics? These are all questions you should know the answers of before even launching your product or service! If you know what your customers search for then you know the keywords they use and you can target the same ones! That's just as simple! Target only people that are interested in the type of product you sell. 

To find out the best keywords always use keyword planner on Google AdWords. It is simple just type in your product or landing page and you are on your way to find engaging keywords. 


2- Your Social Media

Everybody knows social media is a great place to look and find customers although, you have to use your social media the right way! You have to take each social media platforms for their own features and what they do best. Adopt an individual strategy for each, such as infographics for Pinterest, pictures on Instagram, videos on Facebook, etc..

Remember, each platform is not right for your business, so you have to figure out the ones you can use. Often you need to do a lot of experiments before you find out what works for your business. If your business or nonprofit is mostly visual then use social media that are based on that like Instagram and give it your best shot!


3- Loyal Customers

When someone visits your website they should automatically become a lead, but how? Easy, offer them something they can get for free. It may be a product or information such as an ebook, case study or simply your blog and you get their email address, so they are automatically dragged into your sales funnel. Once they are in get them to buy your actual product or to donate by slowly making them a customer. Send them exclusive offers with reduced price or presents when they make a donation.

Always think no matter what when your customers donate they would want something in return, so give it to them! Plus, when they are in your mailing list you can notify them of new products, sales and you will get loyal customers who trust your organization. 


4- Content Marketing

This step is easy, no one is attracted to poor quality content. Your website needs to have a great user experience but so is your content such as your blog. Post daily and have original content! We are not asking you to hire journalists and create stories like the New York Times but have your own tone and voice and make sure you stick to it.

Develop your branding and style guide and adapt it to all of your content. Don't forget to link back your visitors to your website, so you get them into the sales funnel. 


5- Measure

Always measure your campaign and marketing efforts, how else are you going to know if your strategy is effective? Analyze and understand your data. Track conversions, leads, major leads, session duration, demographics and many others. For this, sign up to Google Analytics and get started. From your data, adapt a new strategy according to your findings and you will be on your way to increase your traffic and customers. 



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5 Simple Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

To be successful in nonprofit marketing it is a constant learning process on industry trends and finding ways to improve your skills set. So, we are sharing 5 useful tips to adopt a great digital marketing strategy in 2016 and be ahead of your competition. 

1- Data

To find new business opportunities and reach your marketing objectives analyzing your data is critical. Understand your data, get the data you need and organize it to reach your goals it is as simple as that. Have a data driven strategy to monitor all information about your donors, your cross-channel plan, your funnel and value optimization. For this you have to have a full understanding of industry trends and get daily updates on it.

To analyze data you first should know what type of data you want to collect and then interpret it in a way that makes sense to your business. Once you have gathered necessary data use it for your marketing efforts, build personas and understand your target audience to create social media campaigns and ads. 


2- Engaging Content

SEO is one of the most important tool to be found online although engaging content has been surpassing SEO in modern marketing. Google algorithm is built to recognize great content over quantity content and the quality of your online presence. If you have quality content Google will reward you by increasing your search rank. For instance, when you get a high engagement on a blog post Google will interpret it as you being an authority within your field and display your content in search and rank you higher, which will increase your website traffic.

Engaging content is at the core of all digital marketing strategies. So write and base your content on what is sharable and on what your audience is interested in. Start with visuals, share great videos weekly, integrate powerful images in your posts and create an e-book for your website. To create engaging content learn about your audience as much as you can and base yourself on your data-driven strategy. 


3-  Visuals

This step is easy, make it visual everything! Visuals are the key to engagement: infographics, videos, pictures. Choose one visual each day and use it in your storytelling then share it on your website, emails and social media! By doing so you will increase your engament and reach your business goals a lot faster. To create awesome storytelling to brand your nonprofit read our previous post and get 6 tips to brand story and on how to get your audience captivated. 


4- Personas

As we previously stated to be successful in digital marketing it all starts with the work you put in your personas. Their profiles are what you are going to use to build engaging content and match the needs of your target audience. You have to build your personas based on your data and be specific. The more precise you are targeting to your audience the more successful your digital campaign will be. Study the problem each of your personas is experiencing and be the one to bring them the solution.


5- Mobile

Mobile is the main device customers use to access your site, apps, blog, social media and every channel that is available to them. First, make it responsive; all of your design, web development and content creation should be mobile friendly.


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5 Simple Steps to Brand Your Nonprofit

Branding your nonprofit is the very first and most important step you will have to take when starting a new business or a nonprofit. It is also the most critical, if the branding is not done right it would automatically cause the failure of your nonprofit or rebranding, which would hurt your growth. 

Here we have lined 5 simple steps to brand your nonprofit organization: 

1- Set Your Goals

First, make a list of your 10 main short-term and long-term goals for your nonprofit and next to it write what is going to take to accomplish them. List the entire process such as marketing efforts, budget, etc...  Think of your organization needs and goals clearly; remember branding affects every aspects of your business from operation to your audience.

Get to your business plan and take as much time as it takes to do it right. Once you are finished with your plan you will have a better idea of your long-term goals and where you want your organization to go. Then, ask yourself the following questions: what is the one opportunity we need to stand out from the competition? How can we retain our donors attention? Is our organization's vision strong enough to be sustainable for the first 5 years?


2- Create Brand Guidelines

What are brand guidelines? Your organization's voice and tone.  Voice is what qualifies your brand and cannot be changed when tone differs depending on the situation and context. A brand guide gives you clear guidelines for all communication and marketing efforts such as editorial, design and messaging. A brand guideline is the second most important step of branding. Once you have set guidelines they need to be followed at all times.

Your organization's voice should be unified across the board and all employees. You should align your team with the vision and train them. If your guidelines are done right they will give your audience a clear idea on what your organization stands for and your method of communicating and engaging. 


3- Your Logo and Slogan

Step 3, it is time to look at your logo and slogan and how they can define and sum up your brand in one image and one sentence. For this refer to your brand guidelines previously set and take the time to reflect on your organization's mission, values and your audience. Choosing a brand logo and a slogan is a very tough and critical development for any organization and an opportunity to tell the story about your brand. For your logo always refer to a good graphic designer, do not try to do it on your own if you do not have a designer background.


4- Key Messages For Your Nonprofit

What are your key messages? Key messages simply describes who you are and why you exist as an organization and are the key points you use to talk about your organization to your audience. They are the perfect mix between your mission statement and your logo. Key messages should always be developed for different audiences and for different purposes such as fundraising campaigns, speeches, etc...

To start with key messages write a set of statements or paragraphs to describe your organization and mission. When you reach out to a particular audience during a fundraiser or a new campaign you will already have the proper messages and language to use. Keep in mind your audience should be able to identify with your key messages. Key messages should mention the problem your organization is solving, your benefits and solutions, target your audience, communicate your mission and have a call to action. 


5- Think Long-Term

Once you have set your guidelines, done your business plan, develop your slogan and key messages you have to think on the long-term and make it an necessity for your staff, members and even volunteers to follow through. Also, make sure everyone has a perfect understanding of your organization, so do not hesitate to host monthly meetings and remind your team about the strategy in place. The more knowledgable a team is about the organization branding strategy the more successful the organization will be. 


To sum up, when starting a new nonprofit go ahead and start your business plan and develop brand guidelines. Then think of your logo and slogan to make it stick; afterwards, think of your audience and develop key messages to describe who you are in a simple way and think long-term throughout the whole process!

Thank you for reading our article! If you have any questions please comment below. If you need help with your nonprofit branding strategy we specialize in branding contact us today! To learn more about Cause Forward U.S. click here