5 Ways to Build Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan

To get started as a nonprofit you need to have a solid marketing plan to be able to attract donors and funding but also fulfill your missions. A good marketing plan has essential components you cannot get out of and you have to take time to think over.

We are giving 5 tips to follow to build a successful nonprofit marketing plan: 

1- Research

Research your industry as a whole. Why are other organizations successful? What do they want to get out? What is their main marketing efforts? First, make a list of your main competitors even the upcoming ones. You have to see this research from another angle as a donor, a community member, etc.. Then you have to understand who are your donors, employees and volunteers. What is your organization giving them that is so special and particular? Do they follow you on social media? Do they act as an ambassador for your nonprofit? 


2- Input

You have to know who your target audience is and what their goals are. For this, there are 2 ways; first, build buyers personas based on your audience demographics and characteristics to get a clear idea of where your audience stands in the buying process and when they will be more likely to make a conversion.

Second, have a meeting with your board and understand as a group what their intentions are in regards to your nonprofit and what their participation will be in the industry. You can survey your leadership and get a feel for their expectations. Your leadership also includes major donors and volunteers. After doing that, you will understand where you stands in regards to the competition. 


3-  Nonprofit marketing plan

Now time to craft a plan. Your plan should be tailored to your organization and set goals that are achievable and not unrealistic. You should set monthly and yearly goals for the next 3 years. Set a timeline along your goals and make sure your timeline accounts for all elements that come in between.

Then set who will be responsible for each of these actions and know exactly who is going to be taking care of what and how. Write down the ressources your team will need to achieve the goals and the cost of these ressources. In your plan, you have to list both online and offline efforts you need to achieve your goals which include but limited to: social media, advertising, email marketing and direct mail, banners, etc.. 


4- Discussion

Now, it is time to discuss your plan with your board and get their agreement on it. For this, you should back it up with strong data and know the inside and out of it. Then, you should know your industry well and show them you have done research on what works. Then, apply your plan to your employees. 


5- Track

You should build a report to understand your profit and losses on a weekly and monthly basis and built ways to track all of these mechanism in that are relevant to your organization. You have to know all about your organization in order to refine your plan. You have to be able to understand what is working but also to adapt to trends and technologies and new ways to improve your organization. You always should be ahead of your competition and of techniques that will help you improve. 


Thank you for reading our article on 5 ways to build your nonprofit marketing plan. If you need help building your marketing & fundraising plan for your organization contact us today! We specialize in nonprofit marketing and fundraising