How to Prioritize your Digital Marketing Efforts

We all know that our ads and content often get lost in this highly digitalized society. To get your message to stick with your audience you have to be extremely creative and have a well thought strategy plan. Most and foremost you have to prioritize your marketing efforts to focus on what is important and get your points across to your customers or donors. 


1- Advertising

Advertising is a priority in your digital marketing strategy, particularly as a nonprofit when you can have access to Google Ad Grants and get free advertising monthly on Google search. In order to prioritize your advertising strategy it is recommended to follow the 70-20-10 rule made by Marketing Land. In fact, 70% of your advertising efforts should target Google and Bing, 20% Facebook Ads and 10% the newest ads platforms such as Yahoo and Instagram. The goal is to help you prioritize your budget on what works and what will reach the most customers for your business. 


2- Get online

If you take all marketing optimization strategies put together the number one to pay a particular importance to is your website. Your website should be on top of your list and not be neglected as every other marketing elements depend on it. Always, make your website responsive, pay attention to page loads, user experience and your conversion funnel. 

Once your website is up to speed you need to focus on three main marketing elements: audience, mobile and video. First, you need to segment your audience to make your message stick to your customers/donors. You would not talk to someone who donates $20 to your organization the same way you would to someone who donated $1000, so put it in action and apply it to your audience. Plus, by segmenting your audience you will understand more clearly which customers are making a transaction, how and when and then you can adapt your strategy based on it. 

Second, prioritize your sales funnel on mobile as it has become one of the main ways customers take to make a purchase or donation. As for your website, your mobile responsiveness, user experience and speed are critical to your marketing strategy. 

Third, create amazing videos and market them well. Videos are now the most important aspect of content marketing and one of the largest source to acquire prospects and can be a life saver to any campaigns for your organization.

To sum up, prioritize your advertising based on the 70-20-10 rule. Your website is your number one marketing priority then focus on audience segmentation, mobile and video and you are on your way to build a successful digital marketing strategy.

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