5 Simple Ways to BOOST your Digital Marketing Strategy

To sell your product or service you need to target customers that will turn into leads nonetheless to say you need to attract the right ones and through your website! But how do you make the most out of a few web pages? Also, you should always try to rank as high as you can in search engines, well what if you are not?

We are giving you 5 tips to build a great digital marketing strategy from nothing:

1- Your Audience

Who are your customers? What triggers their purchases? How do they end up to your web page? What are their demographics? These are all questions you should know the answers of before even launching your product or service! If you know what your customers search for then you know the keywords they use and you can target the same ones! That's just as simple! Target only people that are interested in the type of product you sell. 

To find out the best keywords always use keyword planner on Google AdWords. It is simple just type in your product or landing page and you are on your way to find engaging keywords. 


2- Your Social Media

Everybody knows social media is a great place to look and find customers although, you have to use your social media the right way! You have to take each social media platforms for their own features and what they do best. Adopt an individual strategy for each, such as infographics for Pinterest, pictures on Instagram, videos on Facebook, etc..

Remember, each platform is not right for your business, so you have to figure out the ones you can use. Often you need to do a lot of experiments before you find out what works for your business. If your business or nonprofit is mostly visual then use social media that are based on that like Instagram and give it your best shot!


3- Loyal Customers

When someone visits your website they should automatically become a lead, but how? Easy, offer them something they can get for free. It may be a product or information such as an ebook, case study or simply your blog and you get their email address, so they are automatically dragged into your sales funnel. Once they are in get them to buy your actual product or to donate by slowly making them a customer. Send them exclusive offers with reduced price or presents when they make a donation.

Always think no matter what when your customers donate they would want something in return, so give it to them! Plus, when they are in your mailing list you can notify them of new products, sales and you will get loyal customers who trust your organization. 


4- Content Marketing

This step is easy, no one is attracted to poor quality content. Your website needs to have a great user experience but so is your content such as your blog. Post daily and have original content! We are not asking you to hire journalists and create stories like the New York Times but have your own tone and voice and make sure you stick to it.

Develop your branding and style guide and adapt it to all of your content. Don't forget to link back your visitors to your website, so you get them into the sales funnel. 


5- Measure

Always measure your campaign and marketing efforts, how else are you going to know if your strategy is effective? Analyze and understand your data. Track conversions, leads, major leads, session duration, demographics and many others. For this, sign up to Google Analytics and get started. From your data, adapt a new strategy according to your findings and you will be on your way to increase your traffic and customers. 



Thank you for reading our article on 5 ways to boost your digital marketing strategy. If you need help with your marketing strategy contact us today! We specialize in marketing and fundraising for nonprofits and will help you increase donations.