5 Simple Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

To be successful in nonprofit marketing it is a constant learning process on industry trends and finding ways to improve your skills set. So, we are sharing 5 useful tips to adopt a great digital marketing strategy in 2016 and be ahead of your competition. 

1- Data

To find new business opportunities and reach your marketing objectives analyzing your data is critical. Understand your data, get the data you need and organize it to reach your goals it is as simple as that. Have a data driven strategy to monitor all information about your donors, your cross-channel plan, your funnel and value optimization. For this you have to have a full understanding of industry trends and get daily updates on it.

To analyze data you first should know what type of data you want to collect and then interpret it in a way that makes sense to your business. Once you have gathered necessary data use it for your marketing efforts, build personas and understand your target audience to create social media campaigns and ads. 


2- Engaging Content

SEO is one of the most important tool to be found online although engaging content has been surpassing SEO in modern marketing. Google algorithm is built to recognize great content over quantity content and the quality of your online presence. If you have quality content Google will reward you by increasing your search rank. For instance, when you get a high engagement on a blog post Google will interpret it as you being an authority within your field and display your content in search and rank you higher, which will increase your website traffic.

Engaging content is at the core of all digital marketing strategies. So write and base your content on what is sharable and on what your audience is interested in. Start with visuals, share great videos weekly, integrate powerful images in your posts and create an e-book for your website. To create engaging content learn about your audience as much as you can and base yourself on your data-driven strategy. 


3-  Visuals

This step is easy, make it visual everything! Visuals are the key to engagement: infographics, videos, pictures. Choose one visual each day and use it in your storytelling then share it on your website, emails and social media! By doing so you will increase your engament and reach your business goals a lot faster. To create awesome storytelling to brand your nonprofit read our previous post and get 6 tips to brand story and on how to get your audience captivated. 


4- Personas

As we previously stated to be successful in digital marketing it all starts with the work you put in your personas. Their profiles are what you are going to use to build engaging content and match the needs of your target audience. You have to build your personas based on your data and be specific. The more precise you are targeting to your audience the more successful your digital campaign will be. Study the problem each of your personas is experiencing and be the one to bring them the solution.


5- Mobile

Mobile is the main device customers use to access your site, apps, blog, social media and every channel that is available to them. First, make it responsive; all of your design, web development and content creation should be mobile friendly.


Thank you for reading our post on 5 simple steps to build an effective marketing strategy. If you need help with your digital marketing contact us today or learn how we will develop your digital strategy here.


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