Email and Social Media: Perfect Marketing Tools for Non-Profits

Kristy Bernales, a web designer for Web Design Xperts in Melbourne, Australia, guest blogs today, giving us some practical advice on how to get the perfect marketing tools for your nonprofit. Kristy's advice will help you get going with email marketing and social media. 

Being a non-profit organization, offering unparalleled services, promoting a cause and making improvements in your community takes a lot of hard efforts. Like the majority of the non-profiteers, you’re possibly doing all of this with the limited number of people and a restricted budget limit. Fortunately, the access of email and social media marketing has made spreading a word about your organization easy and less time-consuming.

Some marketers often say that “Email marketing and social media marketing are the most easiest and inexpensive ways to achieve business goals.” These tools can help you draw the most required attention for your non-profit firm. And the flow goes on – more attention -> more donations -> more volunteers and more supporters.

You might be wondering about the benefits of these two inexpensive marketing tools. Let’s pick some of the benefits in the discussion:

1)    Enough Returns on Investment: As already mentioned above, email and social media marketing are the most effective yet affordable solutions that seem quite attractive to the non-profit organizations who work with donations and a tight budget limit.

All you need to do is the time commitment for the marketing efforts through email and social media. The only element that can cost you few bucks is the social advertising. Apart from this, there’ll be no other costs payable.

2)    Boosted Awareness among People: It’s not actually very easy to make people know what your next initiative is or next move is, but emails and social media can be of great help to you. If you will devote your time and efforts to grow your email list and followers on social media, you can easily reach your audience in actual time. Awareness is the one of the major ingredients for a delicious marketing dish, and social media and email marketing are great tastemakers to add from the comfort of your own vicinity.

3)    Improved Involvement: After reaching to a certain height, every non-profit organization requires a helping hand. With the help of email and social media marketing efforts, your organization can directly engage with people who actually want to help. Whether you want to call volunteers or seek donations, you can travel a long distance for increasing audience engagement with your organization through an email and a tweet.

4)    Stand Affront Supporters Firmly: Be circulating emails and becoming socially active, you can create an impression on your supporters. You’re vying for support, so it’s quite imperative to make your organization’s name and mission revealed to the larger audience. By maintaining continuity in the communication, you’re likely to see more supporter participation in a year.

5)    Save Ample of Time: Your time is the most precious asset. This is the reason you should use VerticalResponse, it will make things easier for you like developing emails and social media posts for your account. You can simply start off with an email creation and share the same on your social media accounts. Additionally, you can connect your social media accounts with every email that you shoot through Vertical Response.

Therefore, combine the social media and email marketing tools to get the plenty of mileage through your efforts. Both email and social media have become a major part of modern life hence, it is truly sensible to use them for the purpose of marketing.

Why waiting? Make your non-profit organization more popular among the people who can actually turn out to be helpers with the most reliable yet inexpensive tools of marketing.


 Kristy Bernales, Melbourne, Australia

Kristy Bernales, Melbourne, Australia

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Kristy Bernales is a designing professional and a part-time blogger at Web design xperts. Exploring the digital media trends, activities and every new update is what she likes to do when not designing. More she learns; more she share through blogs.

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