8 Steps Guide to Build a Newsletter

Do you have a newsletter set up for your nonprofit? Is it weekly or monthly? Do you know how to launch it and keep your amount of subscribers increasing? The basic rule for any newsletter is to keep it interesting, relevant and up-to-date, so your subscribers would enjoy reading it every time! Remember, your subscribers joined your newsletter because they want to find content they could not find anywhere else, so keep it creative!

We have lined up the guidelines and principles to build a successful newsletter and increase your amount of subscribers weekly: 

1- What They Will Get

Tell your audience what they will get when they sign up for the newsletter. Always show them the benefits first before asking them for their emails. For instance, a newsletter could include exclusive offers or deals. Also, let them know the timeline in which these offers will be received. 


2- Rewards

If your number of subscribers is not getting off the ground it may be a good idea to present your audience with rewards for signing up to the newsletter. The reward could be a gift or discount. Although, be cautious to not sound "cheap" or somewhat "desperate" by offering large discounts on your valued products or services. Therefore, you could consider sending rewards to users who have already signed up to your newsletter. 


3- Short Questions

If you are asking users to fill out a form and sending their information keep it simple and short. If not, you are not going to get any information back. A good rule would be to ask no more than 2 questions or again offer a reward against your subscriber information. 


4- Most Important Facts

Your readers will only pay attention to 3 major components when looking at your newsletter: the sender, subject line and the date. So keep your newsletter customized and consistent across your segmented lists. 


5- Preview

Show your audience a preview of your newsletter so they already know what they will be getting before they sign up. If the newsletter is well designed and somewhat intriguing this will entice them to sign up. 


6- Content

Always remember, your subscribers are not going to spend more than 2.5 seconds looking at your newsletter before deciding whether they want to read it. Users scan through topics and design. To get a personalized experience for your readers you should segment your contact list and give readers a content that is highly relevant to their interest. Also, use good visuals to attract the readers. To segment your contact list and keep a personalized experience, know what stage of the sales funnel your readers are in. Are they customers or just leads? Have they purchased anything? Have they already took you up on a promotion? 


7-  Newsletter Design

Keep it simple and straightforward and set your design around your goal. Do you want to promote a new service? An organization update? A special offer? Whatever it is make it the theme of your newsletter and center your design and information around it. If you try to include diverse goals and objectives and give too much to your readers they are only going to ignore it, so be creative! For instance, if you want to present a new catalogue build your newsletter in the form of an actual catalogue. 


8- Layout

You can design your newsletter in one or multi column or anything in between! Everything goes as long as you tailor your layout to your content. Although, it is not advised for long newsletter where the call-to-action is at the bottom and users are not going to scroll down to see it. We prefer to vary as much as we can the layout of newsletters for each edition as it gives variety and intrigue the readers. But always make sure your brand visual identity is known and made obvious. If you follow your brand guidelines for each newsletter your readers will be able to identify with your brand therefore follow it. 


Thank you for reading our article on 8 steps to build an email newsletter. Follow the steps above and you will increase your subscriber weekly. If you need help building a newsletter, design, templates or strategy contact us today! To learn more about us click here. 


Source: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/02/email-newsletters-guidelines-and-examples/