Fundraising to convert the right leads

Cause Forward U.S is a data-driven fundraising agency. We develop a strong cross-channel fundraising campaign using a mix between outbound and inbound marketing, optimize conversion rates and increase monthly donations at each donor level.

We work with you to build innovative campaigns based on your goals and to secure leads.



Cross-channel fundraising to grow your organization



Qualified lead generation to drive donations  

We improve lead conversion rates to set a cost effective donor acquisition strategy and optimize for success.

  • Retention strategy: Build effective campaigns to improve donor acquisition and loyalty.
  • Funnel analytics: Gather data and activity from the funnel.
  • Fundraising goals: Set monthly goals around your website, prospects, leads and donor acquisition.
  • Behavior-based fundraising: Send the right communications based on behavior and interests.

A strategy for each donor level

We craft a one-year fundraising plan designed to drive your goals and action. From lead generation to donor retention, we build the right tools to appeal to each donor segment and generate donations via an array of digital outreach strategies to improve outcomes.

  • One time donors, memberships, annual giving
  • Mid-level donors, major giving and planning giving
  • Lead management, lead nurturing and scoring
  • Conversion rate optimization

Innovative donor acquisition solutions and fundraising campaigns

 We believe in creativity and innovation to enhance donations and acquire volunteers via strategic planning and team cohesion. We combine communication and marketing tactics to create unique fundraising campaigns.

  • Donor acquisition techniques
  • Donor loyalty
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Crowdfunding
  • Online/Offline events

A Fundraising Agency  

Cause Forward U.S is a fundraising agency that focuses on donor acquisition and lead generation techniques for organizations to increase conversion rates and drive growth. 

Over $350 billion is donated every year to nonprofits in the U.S., 90% of all donations come from individuals, and 64% is donated on nonprofit websites. Developing a strong online fundraising strategy is critical for nonprofit financial health. Donors, no matter their donation, should know they had a major impact and provided change for your organization.

Cause Forward U.S acts as an extension of your team and assists you at every step to secure your donation goals.


What we do

  • Fundraising strategy
  • Donor acquisitions
  • Lead generation 
  • Lead scoring
  • Fundraising programs
  • Grant writing
  • Awareness & positioning
  • Issue advocacy
  • Donor management
  • Donor loyalty
  • Fundraising campaigns