5 Fundraising Ideas That Work!

You have been trying to fundraise for your nonprofit but you think you lack of creativity and ideas to get it going? To be successful in fundraising and achieve your goals you need to attract prospect donors and retain them.

We have lined up 5 creative ways to fundraise and get your nonprofit noticed:

1- Reward

In fundraising you have to have fun and be creative, so giving your donors a somewhat unconditional reward once they have donated is a great way to get noticed. This will attract new prospect donors and make the whole process entertaining. An example would be to set up a donation goal for your cause and say that you will do something extraordinary or out of the ordinary once you get it. Set-up a silly goal and people will respond to it.  

For instance, in the campaign "Flush Away Cancer" people had to donate $15 dollars to have the toilet removed out of their front lawn and then have it placed in someone else's lawn or buy toilet insurance. 


2- Physical Activities

Sports are a great way to get your prospect donors behind your cause and raise money. You are not an athlete? Don't worry it does not have to be intense but just a fun activity everyone can participate in and enjoy at their own path. Know what you are good at, plan an activity you know something about then it will be easier to organize it and get sponsors to donate to your cause.

For instance, "Breast Cancer Awareness" marathons are always very successful and fun events even if people are mostly walking through the race. 


3- Math challenges

Here again you do not have to be a math genius to have a number challenge and it is a great way to get people motivated to donate to your cause. For instance, a person you want to raise money for is having his/her birthday ask donors to donate a small amount on this day. This can also work if the person you are raising money for was kidnapped on a certain day then ask for donations this day, etc... 

Remember in any fundraisers you need to know exactly your financial situation and how much money you need to raise for your cause and at this particular event. You also have to be extremely transparent with your finances and with your prospect donors. You should be able to tell them exactly where their money is going and for this you can make simple graphs showing the exact numbers and locations of your donations. Remember, to donate you want your prospects to trust you and your organization. 


4- Get together

Offline events are often the best way to raise funds because you get to connect with your donors! Although often expensive they are worth it. If you cannot afford an event do a small gathering or get sponsors that will give you a place to host an event and pay for some of the expenses. You can also get a few sponsors for your event. 

For your event, get creative! Have great and engaging name and stand out with an amazing theme that will be entertaining. Some fundraising websites suggest having a custom theme event to drag people attention. At your event, find ways to collect as many donations as possible. Get your friends and family involved, sell drinks and snacks and get together with people who will speak lively and in a good way about your cause. 


5- Your Networks

Know your audience and your target prospects. The better your understand them the most chance you have to get donations. When you do a fundraiser your event has to be appropriate and built effectively, so that you can reach out to your audience. 

First, you need to segment your prospect donors into lists of online donors and groups, donation amounts and donation frequency, your relationship to them, etc... Second, you need to find the best way to reach to each segmented group. For instance, if a donors gave $20 he is not going to need the same information as one who gave $500 or if a donor made a donation a week ago compared to one who made it a year ago you are not going to approach them the same way. Approach your donors at a fundraiser the same way you would in an email marketing campaign. For instance, for your friends and family you can start a Facebook page or a closed group with a link to donate on your website and make it funny and interactive. 


Thank you for reading our article on 5 fundraising ideas that work! Remember always understand your audience and prospect donors and keep it creative. No one wants to go to the same fundraiser each year or with the same theme, so think outside the box! 

If you need help to start a fundraising campaign contact us today! We specialize in fundraising for nonprofits and will help you reach your goals.