5 Ways to Get Prospects

As a nonprofit CEO or an employee your main goal is to get prospect to donate or fund your organization and it is not a simple task. The most difficult task through this fundraising hunt is to find the right one people that will be ready to make decisions. What influence the decision making process from a prospect is the way you approach and present yourself to the people able to make important decision for your organization. 

In order to guide your prospect into making the right decision for your organization and donating whether it is major or planned giving you have to have one of the following personalities below. These approaches and personalities are the ones you want to have in your team, so build your team around them: 

1- A Visionary 

A visionary can understand and see changes before they happen. This person is an innovator and knows what should be done to take the organization to the next move and get prospect exited about donating. 

2- A guardian

Someone who is more balanced and takes into consideration values, missions and other aspects important for business owners and making a partnership. 

3- A Motivator

You have to be a motivator, charismatic, have a sense of humor, be a storyteller and a leader. Business owners or prospects will see you as someone able to carry on responsibilities and be successful. 

4- Flexible

You are open-minded, you adapt easily to situations and are not afraid to go out off the box to find the solution and get others to make a decision. This person is versatile but a strong asset to any team. 

5- A Catalyst

A "balanced decision-maker, " this person is the best in making decision and best tool to have in a group, assess situations and avoid conflicts. 


Which of these personalities are you? Be aware of it and own it, develop it in the right way to bring effective strategies to sign major donors. If you need help getting prospects and reaching your fundraising goals contact us today!