5 Ways To Use Emotions and Get Donations

To reach your fundraising goal you need to master the art of getting prospect donors to act and donate to your organization. How so? Easy you need to understand how to communicate clearly and get your points across in a simple manner and interest your donor. But there is one more tool you need to acquire and it is "flirting' and balance being "cheeky, genuine and authentic."

Here are 6 different emotions you need to master to get donors: 

1- Be naturel

Yes, the first is simply stay yourself! Act like a real person and use common language your prospect will understand and recognize, use simple words and action verbs. Also, instead of using the pronoun "we" use "I" when addressing to your prospects. 


2- Be friend

Be aware of hard selling. You should have a warm and friendly tone when talking to your prospects do not try to be overly serious but much like you talk to a friend. Think of it as asking a friend about his problems and you offering solutions. Do not try to force yourself on your prospects but place your nonprofit as you are the one choosing your donor and it is a privilege to work with you. You want to be polite and curious much like flirting, so ask yourself how you would start a conversation with a friend and identify at which level of "closeness" or interest this person is in. 


3- Be relevant

Always think of trends and identify current topics that your followers or prospects are interested in and have your own opinion about these subjects. Build your voice and tone around what is relevant to your donors. You must know what your audience is thinking, be neutral but be your own brand at the same time and share content relevant to your audience. The most important part is to develop emotions from your prospects as a nonprofit, which will automatically result in a donation. At last, always have content marketing plan. 


4- Your Prospects

Always add your personal touch to your messages when you talk to your prospects; it must be something that will distinguish your brand. Send your prospect a small but thoughtful gift, so they will remember your nonprofit and talk about it in a nice way to others. You have to understand what your prospects are up to and if they are talking about you. 


5- Be available

Listen to your prospect and act on it. If they are telling you they have a problem then respond promptly and ask how you can help and what are they looking for. You need to be straight forward and not beat around the bush. You need to truly listen to their problems and gain their trust. 

It is often a good idea to know exactly what is being said about your brand and manage your reputation wisely. Their are numerous tools available out there to help you identify what your brand is missing. In times of crisis in your organization, always respond quickly and don't let things stay unresolved but face the problem with a statement. Remember, there are 2 sides to every story your reputation is not going to be harmed if you deal with the situation, be honest and offer solutions. 


Always listen to your prospect: what is their problem, what they do need, why do they want to be involved and then you offer solutions. Ask for feedbacks from your prospects and from your staff and keep ahead of your competitors. 

If you are having issues with your fundraising strategy or getting in touch with prospects contact us today!