8 Donor Acquisition Techniques All Nonprofits Should Know

No matter the stage you are in your fundraising process you can't ignore online fundraising as the major source of donations. Online fundraising is the main aspect of fundraising you need to master to reach your donation goals. Here is how! We are giving you 8 donor acquisition techniques to follow: 

1- Branding

Let's start by your donation page, it is the most important page on your website, not to mention where you get your donations. It is the page that measures your conversions and where you want your users to end up on. So brand it! Start by name, logo, imagery, typography and copy along brand standards. Your donors need to see a follow up in your style guide on each of your web page, it helps them feel secure. You want to build trust and credibility, so establish a style guide and have a complete follow through on your website and social media accounts. 


2- Mobile

Mobile usage surpasses desktop usage, so your website must be responsive and the looks and feel should be likable just as much on mobile. To see how much traffic you get from mobile go to Google Analytics and find out. Then, understand how many visits you are getting on your donation page from user mobiles. Also, make sure you donation forms responsive.


3- "Donate Now"

You understand that you need to get as much as traffic as possible on your website, but then what's next? You need to get these people to donate and accomplish a conversion, so draw their attention to the "donate now" button. Make sure the button is easily accessible and noticeable, so your users cannot avoid it. Add a slogan under the "donate" button or a reason for giving and visuals. 


4- Simple

Always keep in mind when building a website or landing page being simple is always the way to go. You do not want your audience to get lots of information and forget the reason why they came to your website in the first place. The level of accessibility your audience has to the donate page is what will increase your donations. Most website have a lot going on as an heavy navigation bar. Keep your donation page simple and make sure your users can donate in less than 3 clicks.

For your donation form, as any landing page, remove the navigation, search box and columns. Forms need to be as simple as it gets, so reduce as much as you can and make it fast for your users. For instance, only "require" information that are absolutely necessary for your process.


5- Giving Levels

On your donation page it is suggested that you add donation amounts your prospect donors can give to improve your performance. Users should not have to think of the amount they want to donate but just choose one already written. Donation levels cut the thinking time of your donors in half so the amount of abandon of the page by users. People will automatically give larger amounts than what they normally would have. Start with a $20 amount and go up until $100 or $200 and add a box to enter individual amount.


6-  Monthly Giving

Monthly sponsorships or monthly donations are a great way to generate recurring donation and have a way of planning for the future. You will grow long-term fundraising performance, revenue predictability and increase your donor acquisition rate. As always, the monthly donations set up should be easy for your donors to access. 


7- Security

Nonprofits are often known to be unsafe and to commit fraudulent activities online, so protect yourself! Ensure your donors with a secured transaction form, which will take away all doubts of possible nonprofit fraud. Norton is a very good security system and highly recommended for this type of transaction. Add the Norton logo next to your donation form and you will build confidence from donors. 


8- Transparency

The best advice any marketer can give to any profit organization is to be transparent particularly with your financial position. Donors want to know how your organization uses their money and what are their goals. Charity Navigator or GuideStar rank nonprofits based on the percentage of each donation going to an actual mission or program. What should you do next? On your donation page provide prospect donors with a detailed information about your organization financials and make it entertaining such as a graph showing where each dollar goes. 


Thank you for reading our article on 8 techniques to donor acquisition. It only takes simple steps to increase your donations, so start changing your strategy today. If you need help with prospect donors strategy, segmented donor lists and donor acquisition contact us today!