Produce Great Content and Get Donations in 2 Steps

We all know to get donations for your organization you need to have great content to share and use a variety of techniques to get your prospects to step up and act. Although, it can be somewhat unclear what is considered good or bad content and what are the main mistakes to avoid when you have a nonprofit. We are giving you 2 steps to produce amazing content and get donations: 


1- Poor content

It is a known fact that over 2 out of 3 nonprofit donors say that content has a direct impact on their donations and that poor content will directly translate into no donation at all. What is poor content? It is content that simply is not sharable because it is too vague and not of the interest of your prospects. So your first step should always be to know what your prospects want to see. For this, you can use keyword planner on Google Search or simply test it out on your social media accounts. Post daily and track what drags the most action and automatically a conversion on your website. Install Facebook Pixel on your website, do a couple of small advertising campaigns and you will have a good understanding of what good content is. 

A few more stats, over 72% of donors who have previously donated at least once to an organization said they would not donate to poor content, 1/3 said they would not donate to content that is vague and 1/4 they would not donate to content that is boring. 


2- Types of content

What are the types of content donors prefer? Over half of donors prefer short, self contained email with no backlinks, a short letter or an online article. Over half are also said to donate to emails that have links to other articles, short Youtube videos under 2 minutes, annual reports delivered by mail and post to Facebook.

What you should get from this is that content that goes straight to the point, asks the right questions and is interesting to the donors is what will win donors over, so keep it short! Avoid, long videos and long articles or you will loose your donors before they even start reading.   


You now know what to do to get donations, follow the trends, listen to your donors interest and repeat what works! When you find a way that brings up donations don't change it but work on it to improve it. Study your donor personas meaning your donors demographics and interests. See our posts on inbound marketing and how to build personas.

Thank you for reading our article on 2 steps to produce great content and get donations! If you need help with your content marketing contact us today! Cause Forward U.S. specializes in marketing and fundraising for nonprofits.