TOP 5 Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits in 2016

You have a nonprofit and you are looking for a way to raise money in a simple and easy way. If you are starting a large fundraising campaign to either get started or fund your missions then it is often better to refer to agencies. But if you want to raise funding for smaller campaigns and with little marketing then they are tools available online to help you get started with fundraising. 

We have lined up 5 fundraising tools to watch and use in 2016: 


1. Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook developed a way for donors to donate directly into a nonprofit Facebook page. The nonprofit will be pre-approved and verified, so it is a safe and very easy way to get your followers to donate. Definitely check it out!


2. Give a Dime

Give A Dime rounds up your purchases to the highest dollar and gives it to charity. A new concept to definitely look at for your nonprofit. 


3. Givolio

This platform is great for donors as they can create a portfolio and follow up on their donations for tax purposes. For nonprofits it is an amazing tool to find donors, create your profile today!


4. Omaze

Omaze is a platform made for donors experience as each donor can be selected to win "amazing experiences" once they have donated to a nonprofit.


5. Pledgeling

It is a platform made for businesses to easily set up employee giving program. Definitely a new concept and very interesting for nonprofits!


Thank you for reading our article on the top 5 fundraising tools for nonprofits in 2016. If you need help with fundraising contact us today! We specialize in nonprofit marketing and fundraising.