Simple Ways to Take your Sales Process Inbound

You may have already set your sales process but do you know how to take it inbound? Your sales process should be built regarding your marketing process and activities and not separately. Both should work together.

We have lined up two main steps to make your sales process inbound:

1- Inbound Sales

What are inbound sales? They are buyer centric meaning they are all about understanding, listening and doing a strong diagnostic on your leads and customers. What are their needs? Their previous experiences? Where are they in the sales process? 


2- Change the way you sale

1- Change the way you target accounts

  • Build persona, buyer's journey, understand your sales funnel, how to target leads, segmented lists.
  • Understand your prospects on a personal level
  • Nothing your customer do on your website should be a secret to you

2- Change the way you prospect accounts

  • Know everything about your prospects: their company information, industry, the media device they use, etc...
  • What are they annual revenue? 
  • Use lead intelligence
  • Use social media to gather leads and information
  • Have a good follow though strategy

3- Change the way you connect

  • Build reports on your audience
  • Know your audience
  • Speak the prospect language
  • Be helpful
  • Offer information they cannot get anywhere else
  • Know your sales funnel

4- Change the way prospect perceive you as a salesperson

  • Act as a trusted advisor
  • Be human and personal
  • Build trust with your prospect
  • Innovate to serve people
  • Innovate in the way you engage with your prospect and always find new ways to attract your leads
  • Communicate
  • Educate your prospect with the content you give them
  • Leads love helpful information, so make it easily available to them
  • Make your prospect understand they have a problem and solve their problem


Thank you for reading our article on ways to make your sales process inbound. There are a few strategies to follow and you will be on your way to change the way you interact with customers, increase your sales and your marketing strategy. 

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Customer Value Optimization- Part 2

This is our second part on customer value optimization to give you essential basis to build a successful business or nonprofit. In our previous article, we talked about determining your product and market, choosing a traffic source and building your lead magnet.

In this article, we have lined up the last 4 simple steps to follow to set up your CVO strategy:

4- Offer a Tripwire

  • It is a low cost offer to up sell your customers once they are in the sales funnel
  • A tripwire is usually set from $1 to $20
  • Make a tripwire offer your leads are unable to resist
  • Tripwire offers are an amazing way to turn a lead into a customer
  • Offer your tripwire to users who have shown interest in your lead magnets.
  • Acquire buyers! It is the most powerful addition to a business
  • Your goal with tripwire is to acquire a customer that will be profitable in your sales funnel further on.


5- Offer a core product

  • Offer a core after your lead magnet and tripwire
  • It is the product you offer to customers of tripwire to entice them to keep on buying
  • Use a similar product or service your customers will be interested in
  • This product should increase in pricing but also include special promotions or offers


6- Profit maximizer

  • Your goal here is to increase the average transaction per customer
  • Offer other products with the core product 
  • Always think maximize and maximize your order value per costumer! 
  • Every time you have a lead or a customer maximize it by offering something else
  • This works great on a thank you page!


7- Create the return path

  • Return path increases the amount and frequency customers buy from you.
  • It is a strategy to push prospects and buyers to buy again
  • It can be in the form of information on similar products customers receive leading to purchase again
  • Building a return path will make customers buy frequently or donate more
  • Different ways to build your return path strategy: exit offers, social media, SEM, CRM, loyalty progress, loyalty card, outbound sales and retargeting.
  • Referral programs are also amazing at this stage and build customer acquisition


Thank you for reading our second part on customer value optimization! If you need help with your nonprofit customer value optimization contact us today!

Customer Value Optimization- Part 1

We have all heard of customer value optimization but for the ones not familiar with it, it is the key to any business or nonprofit strategy and the key to be successful. How? We have lined up 3 main steps for customer value optimization to follow and change your digital strategy to better marketing. 

1- Determine Your Market Fit

It is the most important aspect of customer value optimization! You must find and have a group of customers who are willing and able to buy your products or services: 

First and for most, to build a business around a market you must determine: 

  • Is the market big enough?
  • Is the market monetizable?

1- To determine if the market is large enough you should look for an average of 30,000 or more results in Google Search, blogs, Facebook pages, forums, email newsletters, organizations, ...

2- To determine if the market is monetizable you must look for direct competition, indirect competition, affiliate offers, advertisers, gurus, e-commerce, ...


2- Choose a Traffic Source

To choose a traffic source that matches your business or nonprofit and customers you must first thing of your buyer's journey and where your audience stands in the buying process. To understand buyer's journey please refer yourself to our previous blog posts: create content marketing with a purpose and get a successful inbound marketing strategy. 

To choose a traffic source you have to think of a way to acquire new customers, sell to them and sell them often. A few examples of traffic sources include email marketing, blogging, ads, SEO, organic and paid advertising, etc... Remember you traffic source are directly related to where your customers or donors are in the sales funnel. 


3- Lead Magnet

Think of your lead magnet as a transaction. It is a bribe that gives value to a prospect donor in exchange for their contact information. You have to provide great value on your lead magnet; a lead magnet is offered on a web page or landing page to convert your cold traffic into leads and turn leads into customers. The lead magnet is at the top of your Customer Value Optimization funnel and should be the main element your prospect customers or donors see on your landing page, so be creative!


Thank you for reading our article on customer value optimization part 1, remember determine your market fit, choose a traffic source and create an innovative lead magnet!

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Get a Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

Some of you may wonder what is inbound marketing and how does it work? How can use it to increase your brand marketing strategy, conversions and automatically donations? It is a true statement that a costumer wants to be educated and here is how!

We have listed the steps to follow to get a winning inbound marketing strategy in 5 steps:

1- Buyer Personas

The main focus of inbound marketing is to determine your personas, which are persons who regroup the characteristics of your audience. Personas are a representation of your ideal customers based on data and your audience demography, behavior, motivation and goals. Determine your buyer personas following these criteria:

  • Who are you reaching out to?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • Who is already buying from you?


2- Personas Research

  • Do a deep research on your personas details: role in their current company, department, goals, challenges, shopping or service preferences,...
  • Ask yourself the following questions: why? What are their motives? What drive them?
  • Start by interviewing your current customers or donors. 
  • Mainly look for trends in behaviors to establish one persona.


3- Profile Stories

The personas profiles should be based on your audience personal and true story, start with the following elements: 

  • Their personal and career background, demography, identifiers and goals
  • Have you helped them in the past? If yes, what did you do for them?
  • Where are they in the sales funnel?
  • What are their common objections about your products or services?
  • Get real quotes from your personas to plug in their profile stories.
  • What do they want to see from your brand?


4- Buyer's Journey

  • Research what each buyer goes through until they get to the buying stage.
  • Understand at which stage of the buyer journey your personas are. 
  • There are 3 stage in the buyer journey: 
    • Awareness: When your customers have a problem, so it is your opportunity.
    • Consideration: Your customers have defined and gave a name to the problem they are having and are considering your business. 
    • Decision: When your customers found the solution, it is their final purchase.


5- Great Content

  • Your blog posts should be educational for your personas. You should educate your customers or donors on problems they may not know they are having yet and bring them the solutions, which are your products or services. 
  • Always create great content! 
  • Inbound marketing is content and context mixed together. Context being who you are creating your products/services for. 
  • Leverage your content: make sure you have an optimal distribution for your content such as web, blog, social media, landing page, call-to-action, etc...


Thank you for reading our post on how to get a successful inbound marketing strategy in 5 steps! Remember, research and create your personas accurately, build their profile stories, understand where they are in the buyer's journey and always create great content!

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