Simple Ways to Take your Sales Process Inbound

You may have already set your sales process but do you know how to take it inbound? Your sales process should be built regarding your marketing process and activities and not separately. Both should work together.

We have lined up two main steps to make your sales process inbound:

1- Inbound Sales

What are inbound sales? They are buyer centric meaning they are all about understanding, listening and doing a strong diagnostic on your leads and customers. What are their needs? Their previous experiences? Where are they in the sales process? 


2- Change the way you sale

1- Change the way you target accounts

  • Build persona, buyer's journey, understand your sales funnel, how to target leads, segmented lists.
  • Understand your prospects on a personal level
  • Nothing your customer do on your website should be a secret to you

2- Change the way you prospect accounts

  • Know everything about your prospects: their company information, industry, the media device they use, etc...
  • What are they annual revenue? 
  • Use lead intelligence
  • Use social media to gather leads and information
  • Have a good follow though strategy

3- Change the way you connect

  • Build reports on your audience
  • Know your audience
  • Speak the prospect language
  • Be helpful
  • Offer information they cannot get anywhere else
  • Know your sales funnel

4- Change the way prospect perceive you as a salesperson

  • Act as a trusted advisor
  • Be human and personal
  • Build trust with your prospect
  • Innovate to serve people
  • Innovate in the way you engage with your prospect and always find new ways to attract your leads
  • Communicate
  • Educate your prospect with the content you give them
  • Leads love helpful information, so make it easily available to them
  • Make your prospect understand they have a problem and solve their problem


Thank you for reading our article on ways to make your sales process inbound. There are a few strategies to follow and you will be on your way to change the way you interact with customers, increase your sales and your marketing strategy. 

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