5 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit Successful

When you get started with your nonprofit there is so much to take into consideration. Besides getting started with paperworks, hiring your team or volunteers you need to come up with a well-thought strategy to get the word out about your nonprofit and get funding.

We have lined 5 steps to follow and make your nonprofit successful: 


1. Marketing

Organizations even small should embrace marketing and dedicate a lot of of their efforts towards it. When a marketing campaign is well done it makes the organization seem even larger and attracts prospects. For instance, you may not have the funds to throw fundraising events nor do you have the case to apply for grants, so what is going to get you through the door? Marketing. When big corporations organize fundraising events or music artists throw a concert to raise awareness they don't always pick the biggest names out there. Corporations will pick your organization because they notice you and how? Because of good marketing.

The first step with marketing is to hire employees or find volunteers who believe in your mission and in the organization. Then, you should understand that everyone who is a part of your organization is a part of the marketing process and should spread the word out for your organization just as much as anybody else and is an ambassador for your nonprofit. 


2. Assets-based approach

You should see your nonprofit as a way to empower the people you serve instead of making them dependent and restricted by your services. This approach will increase the popularity of your clients so yours. It is about giving the people you serve the ability to build further and giving them the key to leadership. Focus on the potential and strength of the people you are helping instead of their weaknesses to try to get pity from your prospect donors. Make the people you serve look powerful and drive your approach from feedbacks. 


3- Collaboration

As a nonprofit you have to find your niche and mostly know what you are not good at, so then you can partner with organizations or agencies that are good at it. Start a collaboration by thinking how you can provide a service together and reach out to more people. Collaboration is a great and easy way to get funding and get noticed by corporations. 


4- Advocacy

For nonprofits it is not enough to have programs but they have to affect policy. For instance, if you are in education be an advocate to change the child education system. As a nonprofit you should be educating the public and legislators; educate them on the importance of your mission and look for support from your community. Learn the policy affecting your mission and how to change it.. 


5- How you get picked

Corporations or donors in general look at whether you have achieved your mission but not the nature of your mission. Major donors want to see characteristics in your nonprofit they know are a clear indication of success. Second, corporations often exclude large organizations who they know are already successful and have the ressources. Corporations want nonprofits that have a big impact even though they are small. Third, they often ask around their peers, consultants or other organizations about you, so have a good reputation. Forth, they look at the way you manage your nonprofit, your board of directors, your transparency and ethicality and they want to see that your nonprofit is managed just like a business.


Thank you for reading our article on 5 ways to make your nonprofit successful. If you are having issues with your fundraising strategy or need help reaching out to prospect donors contact us today! We specialize in nonprofit marketing and fundraising.