9 Steps to Get For-Profit Partners

As a nonprofit it is critical for your fundraising process to acquire business partners to help you through it. Don't think fast, getting a good for-profit partner is a lot harder than you may think because you have to get the right one. When a for-profit looks for a non-profit partner they see it as a business investment and it is exactly how they would want you to present yourself and your organization.

Do not take this lightly, getting a for-profit takes work and preparation as much as financial planning. For-profits hope to gain an image boost from partnering with nonprofits therefore a boost in dollars. First and for most, a for-profit should have trust in a nonprofit well-being and transparency. 


Here we are giving you 9 tools to seal the deal with for-profit partners: 

1- Build a business plan

As any businesses looking for investors you have to present for-profits with a business plan including all of your financial situation and company information. 


2- Presentation

Work on your presentation, on your pitch deck and pitch the same way you would pitch an investor. 


3- Contact your connections

Using your contacts and connections to introduce you to for-profits is the easiest way to go. Pick worthy connections businesses would trust and that can get you through the door, which is often the hardest step to accomplish. 


4- Pick your business

You pick the business you want to work with. Picking the wrong business or one that is not going to go along with your mission and goals will have a negative impact on your organization. Make sure the business is trustworthy and has products/services that match with your organization's image. 


5- Be open

Be transparent and open about your background, professional experiences, non-profit experiences, so in other words build up a strong resume. 


6-  Database

Keep your donors, volunteers and other inquiries into a strong database you can present to for-profit and in which they would find value and can possibly open them the door to a new market. 


7- Outreach

Use social media and other outreach strategies to show businesses how you work. Help donors or volunteers in their professional and personal life. Demonstrate how good of an adviser you are and can be an added value to any businesses.


8- Followers

Show your followers or donors how much your appreciate them and how enjoyable is it to be with them. 


9-  Qualities

There are certain traits you should show for-profits that you and your nonprofit have: helpful, available, patient, reassuring and emphatic. Always make the problem clear and offer solutions to your donors and followers. Learn how to listen and follow through your goals and mission. 


You need to present an implacable profile to businesses, so go trough each of the steps above and follow them strategically then get your connections to introduce you to businesses that are worthy of your organization.  

Thank you for reading our article. If you need help with your nonprofit plan and strategy or to reach out to for-profit for partnership opportunities contact us today!