6 Amazing Strategies For Nonprofit Marketing

To be a successful nonprofit you have to accomplish 3 major marketing tactics: you must catch attention, provoke emotion and inspire people to act now!

We have lined up 6 marketing strategies each nonprofit should use:

1- Big Data

To make decisions particularly ones related to marketing you must rely on data and only on data! For this you must review all data available to you such as website analytics, competition, trends,... Big data means you understand your target audience, understand where your value is and your positioning, and you are able to gather effective content.


2- Set up Your Goals

Set your short-term and long-term goals and write them down. Line up your campaign goals short, mid and long term will help you identify opportunities. In other words, are you keeping track of your milestones? 

Align your objectives clearly for each campaign and milestones. Your objectives will help you understand the impact of the resources and expertise required to accomplish them. Remember, your goals should be ambitious yet realistic, so you can achieve them.


3- Make it Easy

When you make things easy for your prospect donors you will increase engagement, your reach and donations. When you expect donations you should offer something back in return to your donors. It could be anything, you could offer them a free shirt or a free bag but your donors would be more pleased if you offer them a process such as something that is new and could be useful to them. You could provide them with information exclusively available to them, to special services or to a piece of material. Remember, easy facilitation of an end result will always encourage engagement toward this result. 


4- Your Team

Involve your team as much as you can! They are your best spokespersons you can have, make sure you are on the same page with them on your mission and values. Showcase your team as a product, share pictures of them on social media at the office, events, etc. Get as many volunteers as you can to promote your campaign and projects!


5- Testimonials

Tell story, story help people make sense of any situation and the most powerful of all are the ones that come from the people who lived them! Ask your audience for testimonies on the services your provided and you will build your credibility in your industry and identify with others better. When you tell stories you remove barriers between your organization and your donors; therefore, you facilitate the donation process.

Prospect donors will donate because they are emotionally touched on a personal level. Use your storytelling process to offer your products or services and stand out from the crowd. In your storytelling remind your audience about your organization, founders, morals and values and connect with your audience to offer value proposition. 

Use storytelling strategies to help yourself with testimonials, brand authority and branding. Read our post on how storytelling strategies. 


6- Leaders

Associate yourself with industry leaders and experts, this will automatically increase your position and your value as an organization. Partner with leaders in your industry who can provide education, information and opinion to your audience. This will build your brand credibility. 


Thank your for reading 6 strategies for nonprofit marketing. Apply the steps above and you will be on your way to better marketing. If you need help on your marketing strategies, branding, reaching your goals and your campaign contact us today. To learn more about us click here.