How to Create Your Vision, Mission and Values

As a nonprofit the very first you should at your organizational level is to build strong guidelines and brand strategies. Your vision, mission and values are the first elements you should work on and set up. It will not only avoid you a lot of headaches later on but it will make your campaign more successful and coordinate all of your communication and marketing efforts. In this article, we are giving you simple tips on how to create them and rethink your branding strategy. 

1- Your vision

Organizations often start because one of the founders identifies a problem that touches the community and has the solutions to stop or decrease it. Your vision statement is the big idea behind your organization that can be shared to the public. Most often the vision is set during strategic planning or other large organization developments and is often change when the founder leaves. Setting up your vision is all about thinking forward and of the future and to ask yourself: how do I see the organization in the future? 


2- Mission

Mission statements are a lot more descriptive than the vision statement and talk in great details about the work the organization has undertaken. To write your mission statement you should begin to ask: "why do we exist?" "what will we do?" You should first focus on the concept and ideas and make sure that your organization is staying on track with its work and mission. Your users should be able to judge the level of success of your organization and its programs based on your mission alone. Then all other areas of communication that you are using should follow or introduce your mission such as emails or social media. The language of the mission should be a reflection of your organization personality and positioning. The length of the mission does not matter much but what is important is that you clearly state what your organization exists to do.  

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to see if your mission is effective: "Does it express what we do?" "Is the language understandable by our audience?" "Does it include an underlined call to actions to push the audience to get involved?" "Does it show our personality, positioning and values?" 


3- Values

Your values are basically what shape your day to day organization and work. Your values serve as guidelines in your organization approach to problems and missions. Your values you should be respected and followed in your daily activities and decision process. To write your values start by having a discussion with your staff and board about the beliefs that shape the organization and understand what influences your work. Then ask yourself: "Which values are absolutely essential to what we do and the way we proceed?" Once you have set these values they will serve as daily guidelines to your staff and be apart of your message. 

Thank you for reading our article on how to create your vision, mission and values for your organization. If you are having issues drafting your organization guidelines and strategies contact us today!