How to Start a Nonprofit

Whether you are a business owner or a looking to start a nonprofit organization there are many options available to you under the law. First, we are going to look how to establish your mission, values, find your category and define your audience. 

1- Raise Money

When you have chosen the type of nonprofit you are going to start and services you will provide it is critical to be remembered by all related to the mission you are affiliated with. How do you make it impossible for the general public to forget your name? Use for-profits methods to build your nonprofit. Use all methods used in corporations and do not think that nonprofits should be differentiated or set apart from for-profits. Your main goal as any corporation is to make and raise money so you can sustain your mission and services. For this use similar techniques in sales, website optimization, conversion and all marketing methods. Always remember, what will make you a successful nonprofit is your ability to fundraise and generate funds.

Provide services for a certain group, for a specific purpose and allow your audience to save money with tax exempt would be a good way to start. 


2-  Your Vision

To establish your nonprofit and vision you do not necessary have to work with "the poor" or the try to save everyone instead work with a cause that has a meaning to you and which will resonate to your audience. For instance, you can search for new energy or help someone build a home. See a need for a project you are passionate about and find a way to fill this need. Even a small project if it appeals to you chances are it will appeal to others. 

More importantly, as any entrepreneur would do find your niche! Do not forget to be as open as you can with your purpose, your fundraising needs and your organization financial situation with the public. Find the audience segment you want to serve and make sure that they are aware of it and turn your vision around them.


3- Nonprofit Category

Charitable Organizations: They are 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and qualify as tax exempt that can be set as public charity or private foundations.  Public charity are funded by donations and through their activities. Foundations are here to help and fund other nonprofits and are generally funded by one source most commonly from a corporation. 

Social Welfare Organizations: They are exempt under IRS 501(c)(4). Organizations that support a cause more than a specific need.

Agricultural or Horticultural Organizations: In this section of 501(c)(5) your organization “must be to better the conditions of those engaged in agriculture or horticulture, develop more efficiency in agriculture or horticulture, or improve the products.” 

Labor Organizations: Organizations funded by workers in order to come together and bargain with an employer. 

Choose your nonprofit category and get started!


4- What's Next

Think about your vision and the type of nonprofit you want to use. Investigate what is your passion and your purpose. Why are you creating a nonprofit? What is your goal? What key messages are you planning on using? Then think of your tagline and elevated pitch. If you cannot sum up your purpose and your organization in 30 words or less you do not have a plan yet. Also, it is important to match your vision with your IRS classification.


Thank you for reading this article! Do you think you are ready to start your own organization? Contact us and we will help you out with the process and make sure you are successful. To learn more about us click here