4 Steps to Write a Social Media Fundraising Strategy for Your Nonprofit

Social media is critical for nonprofits whether you are doing peer to peer fundraising or launching an awareness campaign. Social media is the ultimate way to gain followers, donors, fundraisers and build your nonprofit's online image and brand. We are giving you 4 steps to follow to write an amazing social media fundraising strategy for your nonprofit: 


1- Conduct an online communication and fundraising audit

You should review all of your online communication and fundraising systems. For this, take one week to do a full audit and understand which systems can be upgraded right now, during the first year or postponed. An audit helps you understand both short term and long term priorities and is the first thing you should do to plan your social media strategy. First, create a list of all the systems that need to be reviewed, which should include everywhere your nonprofit has content online. Second, build a document with bullet points on the plus and minus of each system.  


2- Write a social media fundraising strategy plan

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to write a good strategy plan. You should mostly focus on setting up your budget and working on a strategy to track and report your success monthly. You social media fundraising plan should follow your brand guidelines, and your overall fundraising strategy and goals. We are not going to elaborate on building a fundraising plan for your nonprofit in this article; if you would like to download or request a social media fundraising plan for your nonprofit contact us today and we will help you through it. 


3- Create a budget

Create a budget on each action items and prioritize them in your strategy plan. Do not give specific dollar amounts on each project but give a budget to the systems. Use Excel to set your budget monthly and annually on each tool, on the left column write your action items, do 12 columns one for each month and on the last column write your total monthly budget. Do not forget your budget should be flexible to be able to include last minute projects. 


4- Create a system to track, evaluate and report your success

You should track, evaluate and report on a quarterly basis, you should also hold a quarterly meeting or send an email to report your results. Your social media success is defined by achieving the goals and action items in your strategic plan. Here again, you should build an Excel social media fundraising success plan. On the left column include your goals listed in your strategic plan, do 12 columns for each month, enter the metrics associated with each action items monthly, pick one day of the month to enter the metrics and on the last column insert your goals. 


Thank you for reading our article on 4 steps to write a social media fundraising strategy for your nonprofit. If you are having issues with social media or fundraising for your nonprofit contact us today. We specialize in marketing and fundraising for nonprofits.