4 Ways to Use Social Media to Earn Links

You have been using social media but is has not got you any links? You are aware that sourcing and sending links to websites may earn you links back but it has not really worked so far?

Here is 4 steps to use social media to get you links:

1- Interactions That Earn Links

First, it is a simple step you should interact with your audience and your costumers online as much as you can! Interact with them early and often on all social platforms. Then, always add your website to the conversations you are having. It is always good to offer help to potential customers without being asked for it such on Facebook groups, on Twitter or forums where a particular issue related to your business services is been discussed. 


2- Search For Link Likely Targets

There are numerous links apps out there that can help you target appropriate links to include in your social media. Although, you should be cautious with external links softwares as many will promote links that are negative or spams. A very good software for links and mentions is  Fresh Web Explorer  . Also, it is important to be looking at ways to increase your followers and get some analytics on your social media such as Followerwonk for Twitter.  


3- Content Marketing

To earn links on social media you should post content that will capture your target audience attention and that they will want to be sharing back. This step sounds simple but finding content that works for your audience requires a lot of testing and study. Thankfully you can help yourself with softwares that are made to help you manage your social accounts. For this, please refer yourself to our previous blog post5 ways to manage your social media accounts


4- Engagement

Earning links is not difficult, you just have to maintain a high engagement and interactions on social media. Always look for a way to increase your number of followers and your community when posting. If you follow all the previous steps impactful links will follow!

If you are having issues with your social media strategy and backlinks contact us today. We specialize in marketing and fundraising for nonprofits.