5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies Most Do Not Want to Try

Digital marketing is constantly changing and as most novices or professional marketers would say it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends and know what works from what does not. A few marketers actually want to take risk in their decision making process and rather stick to what they know. Whether you work for a non profit or for a large corporation, marketing is where you need to actions and experiment with new techniques. 

Here we are giving 5 tips to try and take risks on that will pay off on the short and long-term. 

1. Content marketing

Did you know that content marketing generates 3 times more leads than outbound marketing? In today's society you have to set yourself as an expert and as a leader in your industry to the public.

How? Start writing about it and add value to your brand. Inbound marketing is the process of putting sales and marketing together and work both into the same funnel until you end up with leads. An easy introduction to inbound marketing would be to start offering your customer something free to get them at the start of your sales funnel. Just try it! Then ease them to become leads and put your expertise up front. 


2. Interactive content

What is interactive content? Yes, everything do seem interactive these days with the rise of social media marketing it is often hard to keep track and it can be hard to set yourself apart without feeling too 'out there' sometimes.

Most marketers can be hesitant trying interactive content that is too bold and often times exiting. What does interactive content do? To start it ultimately increases your engagement on social media, so your website traffic. You can get started with just an infographic on your brand and see the results. Plus interactive content also attracts industry leaders who will tend to be sharing it, which automatically means more attention and more leads. 


3. New Social Media

Although, the main social media such as Facebook and Twitter are the platforms you want to push your content on or your ads do not give up on the smaller channels just yet as they often target a young audience and early adopters who can drastically push your products to customers. New channels are also a way to be more creative and find new interactive content before your competitors; to get started you can try Snapchat, Instagram Stories and see the results!


4. Quality content

Creating content is not just about your brand anymore! You need to start thinking in terms of what would my readers want to see or read? What would most likely attract them to my blog or website? In other words what do THEY like, what do they fear or what do they need. 

Now readers want to see actually ideas that are new, they cannot find anywhere else and that are well written. Now you can dig deeper and show your thoughts and even complex ideas about a problem, you brand or your industry. Also, always pay attention to SEO but put your customers first and it is recommended to use keywords more to drag your audience attention than to focus your entire story on. 


5. Your best content

Yes, number one rule of marketing! Use content that worked best over and over! Look at what worked in the past and bring a few touches to it and repost! You can just the title, url and visuals. A very few people will actually be able to keep track of everything on your website, so don't be afraid to use it again.

Also, you can utilize content you know other users loved from a different brand and switch it up to your liking. You can even bring your 'old' content/posts to daylight on a specific time and days to keep driving users in. Think about it and increase your impressions and clicks in a week!


Thank you for reading our article on 5 effective digital marketing strategies most do not want to try. If you are having issues with marketing your nonprofit or need advice contact us today. We specialize in digital marketing for nonprofits.