5 Ways to Maximize Your Small Digital Marketing Budget

You own a business or a nonprofit and you know the impact digital marketing can have on your business. You have trying to figure out the costs but you can't afford it. Most agencies are too high priced and you do not have the technical skills to boost your results. When it comes to marketing your main goal should be to get leads and conversions but how do you do so on a small budget? Don't worry there is good news you can still get marketing results on a small budget or even none at all. We are giving you 5 tips on how to get started with marketing: 

1.  Google AdWords

You have to start by using Google AdWords and yes it requires to have a small budget but you will get a high return for it. Google AdWords is one of the best ways to spend your advertising or marketing budget. Follow the 70-20-10 rule, so 70% of your marketing budget goes to AdWords, 20% on other important ad platforms such as Facebook and 10% on smaller ones such as Linkedin.

Use pay-per-click on Google and set your keywords strategically via the keyword planner. Google is the best way to reach customers who are looking for your type of businesses or nonprofits. AdWords require to be knowledgable in marketing to get high results but you can still make it work by starting small campaigns and check on keywords. 

If you are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization you can get $10,000 of free advertising monthly on Google AdGrants. 


2. Social media

Social media is also an amazing way to convert your audience into leads. Post great content daily on social media, make it interactive and engaging. Once you have found a great post or content sponsor it on a small fee, so more people will see it.

Promoting a post on Facebook or Instagram will make more people see your business and drive traffic to your website, so possible conversions. When you boost posts on social media select your audience carefully and be very selective. You can start by boosting your post with $5 or $10 dollars once a week. 


3. Blog

Blogging is amazing way to reach a new audience but mostly to increase your rank on search engine with SEO. Blogging increase your search results organically with the use of similar keywords on your url, title and headings. You should be posting twice a week on relevant topics your audience enjoys reading then share your post on social media.

Also, you can do guest blogging by reaching out to influencers in your industry and ask them to do an article for you and vice versa and to share it on their social media and contact list, which will automatically generate traffic to your website. 


4. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategy you can get into. Use an email marketing platform and send your email strategically by segmenting your audience by either demographics or by actions they have performed on your website such as filling out a contact form or downloading files. Build an automatic thank you page to push your users to take another action on your website and with your business. For instance, if someone subscribes to your blog send a thank you email for subscribing and offer something new such as white pages or a free consultation. 


5. Reward

You need to build an effective sales funnel and it often starts by rewarding your existing customers. If you are a nonprofit for each donation made you should offer a reward and the larger the donation is the larger the reward should be such as for planned giving or corporate partnerships offer something substantial donors will remember you by. A reward makes your customers feel valued and will make them more likely to refer you to other customers, so it is a great way to drive new customers in. You want to get loyal customers that will help you build a good reputation for your brand and reward is the best way to go. 


Thank you for reading our article on 5 ways to maximize your small digital marketing budget. When you have a small budget you have to spend each dollar wisely and follow the steps above, launch AdWords campaigns, promote social media posts, blog, send thank you emails and offer rewards to your current customers. 

If you have a small marketing budget and you are struggling to boost your results contact us today! We specialize in marketing and fundraising for nonprofits and will help you reach your goals.