8 Great Strategies to Build Your Email List

You have been using email marketing for your volunteers, donors and to turn leads into customers but you are still struggling to get a high conversion rate? You don't know the ways to increase your contact list to build powerful email campaigns?

Here we have lined 8 strategies to build an amazing email list:


1- Facebook Arbitrage

Social media is one of the easiest way to build your email list. Find a group of people on Facebook you want to add to your contact list; usually a group of customers who are targeting similar products or services as yours. Then comment 3 times a week on their group posts and once a month post a link to one of your blog article and request feedback from the group. This will entice the group to visit your website, posts and sign up to your email list as well as you building authority with this group. 


2- Host a WorkShop

Put together a smart and instructive presentation on Google Hangout and present it to someone else's audience in return for this person email list. For this step, you should find an influencer within your industry with a large hangout and substantial email list. Then, ask his/her contacts to sign up for this workshop on your own landing page. Do the workshop and collect the emails!


3- Ethical Share Bribe

This step is pretty simple, for each new subscriber on your email list present them with more special offers and quality content on the thank you page. But in order for them to get the free materials they would have to share your website or a link of your choice on their social media accounts. 


4- Lead Magnet Swap

Find another vendor with an audience similar to yours but who sells different products and share a lead magnets by emails. Lead magnet is anything as free gifts or special offers that you have available to acquire a person's email adresses. As a result of the lead magnet swap both of your email lists grow. 


5- Influencer Course

For this influencer course, find 15 people who are influencers on a same topic then ask each one to teach one lesson on this topic. Find a topic in your industry and relevant to your audience. Promote the entire course to your email list and get each influencers to email their contact list about the course as well. You do not only build your email list but you will also build your credibility. 


6-  Ask Your Friends!

For this step, simply make a list of at least 100 contacts you already have and know personally; they could be friends, family members, etc...Then invite each one of them to subscribe to your list or add them manually. This step is the first thing your should do when building an email list from scratch. 


7- Past Content

Take an old successful blog post that you have and delete some of the content. Then request an opt-in from your audience to see the rest of the article. Usually, you should only leave the intro in place unless it is not intriguing enough for your audience then cut the article in half. 


8- Use Your 404 Page

Utilize your 404 page and create a customer template and a lead magnet on the page then require your audience email address to opt-in. This step is very useful for list building and works very well. 


Thank you for reading our post on how to build an email list. Building an email list is one of the primary aspect of digital marketing and still one of the most useful to acquire new customers. Use all of the strategies above for your contact list and you will get a successful email marketing campaign. 

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