How to Get Donors in 6 Steps

To launch a fundraising campaign you have to have a donor centric approach and focus on your donors perception. You have to move from interrupting your donor's daily life to slowly inviting them in your fundraising campaign. The best solution is to build a marketing funnel to guide your audience into the buying process. We are giving you 6 steps to follow to build a successful funnel for your nonprofit. 

1- Marketing funnel

A marketing funnel is the process in the buyer's journey leading up to a conversion so a donation and it is set via an array of marketing strategies such as landing pages, emails and social media. It starts by capturing the interest of your audience into your cause, then nurture this interest through relationship management as sending personalized messages and finally convert this interest to get a donation and maximize your donor's life value. 


2- Capture interest

To capture the interest of your audience you have to give them something they cannot find anywhere else. You have to give your audience something of value or a reward, it can be a free resource, a guide, a discount of any kind, volunteer opportunities, newsletters, challenges or contests.  To find your added value think of what your organization does best and make it obvious to your audience and create a landing page for what your offer. 


3- Nurture interest

Once the interest is there you need to nurture your prospects interests and offer them more. How do you do that? Via emails! When you send emails you can target the right audience and segment your contact list to make sure the right message is received at the right time. First, write email series to nurture interest for each campaign and send it to the right audience by carefully segmenting your contact list. For instance, set automatic emails when someone signs up for your newsletter to offer more along with a reason for them to support your organization and set up good call to actions. 


4- Convert interest

To convert interest and get your audience to take action and donate you have to make sure that you are asking the right persons to give to your nonprofits. Often times, nonprofits target randomly their audience and do not ask themselves the question "can this person truly be interested in starting a fundraiser or make a donation?" Then think of your message and how well or not it targets this particular audience. You also have to think about developing an emotional appeal to your message and creating a link between your audience and your story. 

Now you have to set up your landing pages to convert your audience. Setting up the right landing page automatically depends on your goal for each audience, do you want to push your volunteers to set up fundraising pages or are you pushing for donations? Regardless, to build a good landing page you need to have a good story and have a good picture. Do not talk about your organization using "we" but stay focused on your donors and instead of using the word "donate" on your button simply use you campaign tagline.


5- Share

Moreover, you have to get your supporters to share your campaign and create fundraisers to support you. You always want to target donors who can make impact on your campaign from the ones who do not. At any stages during your marketing funnel your audience can create a fundraising page and help you fundraise, which does not mean that they are not going to give later on if you set up good follow up emails. The marketing funnel does not always go the same way for each donor but as along as you have set your donation landing page or fundraising page, good call to actions, thank you emails and emails stories properly your main goal is to get people at the beginning stage and the rest will follow. 


Thank you for reading our article on how to get donors in 6 steps for your nonprofit. If you are having issues with donor loyalty or want to launch a successful fundraising campaign contact us today.