How to Send the Right Email in 5 Steps

You have been sending emails out to your contact lists, donors and fundraisers but you still get a low conversion rate? You are not sure how to get your customers involved and increase your sales via email marketing?

Follow the 5 steps to send the right email to the right person:

1- Determine your audience

Understanding your audience is the most important part of email marketing. Who are you sending emails to? Understand your buyer journey is also critical for this step. So start by making a detailed list of your audience buying process, where did they find your website? How to make they make a purchase? What do they buy?


2- Segment Your Contact Database

For this stage you need to determine your buyer personas and their decision stage. Develop buyer personas based on their company, size of their company, industry, department, country and timezone. Also, refer to their demographics such as sex, age, etc... You should incorporate their decision stage as the events leading up to a conversion for each personas along with the search terms they used and visited pages. 


3- Send the Right Email at the Right Time

To send the right email at the right time you first need to understand the stage your are at in your campaign, marketing plan, etc... To captivate your followers and readers here are a few examples on how to keep your audience involved at all times via e-mail marketing:

  •        During awareness campaigns: send out videos promotions, ebooks
  •        Get email sign up: Webinars, case study, whitepages, lectures
  •        Price cut: free trials, demo, quotes, consultation

The secret to email marketing is lead nurturing, which is to build a relationship with prospect customers over time. Remember to always think of a way to keep an constant increase of your monthly email sign up, so be creative! 


4- Optimize for Mobile

  •       Responsive
  •        Bigger is better
  •        Clear and concise message
  •         Avoid using heavy and unreadable fonts


5- Small Guide to Email Marketing

  •       Define a clear goal for your emails.
  •        Make it an email story line. Instead of sending 1 email by stage send 2 or 3. This particularly applies for fundraising. 
  •        Personalize your emails: include the person's name and send emails with your personal name and signature as well.
  •        Focus on engagement: Focus on getting conversion from emails, so add links and hyperlinks.
  •        Add a call to action
  •        Remember the details
  •        Test and analysis: Always do a testing on A/B email templates.


To sum up, to create an amazing email campaign you need to fully analyze your audience, segment your database, have a great timing and a respect for the rules of engagement. 

If you are having any issues getting results from your email marketing campaign contact us today.