4 Tips to Your Boost SEO with Content Marketing

You have been creating amazing posts on your blog and social media but you do not feel that has helped your search ranking. You know that content strategy can improve SEO but do not know how it exactly works? 

Here we are giving you 4 tips on how to use content strategy to drastically boost your SEO:


1- Become an Expert in Your Field to Boost Your SEO

The best way to improve your search ranking is to become an expert or a respected source for specific content in your industry. You need to acquire an authority in your field that users and costumers can refer to and take into account. For instance, use quotes from experts in your field they made about your nonprofit, ask a guest blogger to write a piece about your nonprofit and use it or get articles published in important magazines that you can share are all great ways to start building authority .


2- What Search Engines Look For? 

Search engines view sites that have multiple pages in deep coverage on a topic more valuable because users have access to a lot of information on this particular topic. Search engines look for content clusters. It is simple, a site that has a lot of quality content query on a subject will rank higher on search engines, so get to writing! You can start by posting daily on all social media, blog and make great videos on YouTube! 


3- Base Your Content on Keywords

You should always organize your site or blog based on topics, themes and keywords! This will help search engines recognize related content and rank you higher based on search query. Do not forget to always match your url, page description and page title on your site pages and blog! 

One of the most important factor to boost your SEO is to create content based around a keyword or a keyword phrase that has shown a high level of engagement on your site. Simply base your content around this keyword when you are posting or creating a web page. Remember, the higher the relevance between your content and the keyword is the higher your rank will be for this term!


4-Blogging and Content Marketing

Having a blog is a necessary step to content marketing! Quick statistic: Over 79% of companies and nonprofits that have a blog have a positive ROI. On your blog, be open with your audience about your nonprofit challenges, story and share sharable content that your followers can repost! On your blog, you should focus on your design and layout before writing a single line and make sure it matches your nonprofit image or a particular campaign!

On a blog you should always follow your brand voice and tone for each content you publish, so start by thinking what how you would like your nonprofit to be perceived and writing style to be. Then, create a style guide for all marketing related content. (For more information on how to create a style guide for your nonprofit organization please check our upcoming blog post).


To sum up, to increase your SEO with content for your nonprofit work on building trust with your audience, understand what search engines are looking for, base your content on certain keywords and create a blog! If you follow this your search engine rank will go up immediately. 

Thank you for reading our article on 4 tips to boost your SEO with content marketing. If you are having issue to improve your SEO or create a great content marketing strategy contact us today