5 Ways to Name Your Web Pages for SEO

When you create your website you need first to think about SEO and what will help your website ranking so increase conversions. Here is 5 ways to you get your web pages named for SEO: 

1- How to get started with your web pages

  • You should choose your url along your keywords
  • Long tail keywords always work better for long posts. 
  • On your website should have shorter URL
  • Once you set your url you should include the keywords on your webpage
  • Categorize all information by web page
  • Use sub categories for your web pages
  • Your web pages should be built in a logical way 


2- Create web page title for SEO

  • Never repeat keywords
  • Never include keywords longer than 50 characters
  • it should be more than a url title but a tool to capture your audience
  • you can do a short keyword divided in 2 portions


3- Create meta tags for SEO

  • it should be within 150 characters
  • always include your keywords at the beginning of the webpage
  • if you use competitive keywords mention them twice
  • put your keywords together work great for SEO
  • you should include value for your customers in your tag
  • include a unique description
  • have meta tags for each landing page
  • look up the final result on Google
  • modify them as you go to rank higher


4- Optimize your web page for Google

  • Headings
    • the first heading is very important
    • include your keywords
    • include a headline that will push customers to read the page
    • use keywords for internal linking
    • emphasize your keyword as bold, italic 
    • create 2 or 3 headlines by web page
    • use your internal linking to navigation menu
    • use synonyms
    • add call to actions at the end 
  • Images
    • Google combines everything that it finds, so you need to be cautious about your meta tags on image and video
    • on each image you should include: 
      • title
      • url
      • author title
      • description
      • keywords


5- Technical SEO

  • Linkchecker: check for broken links
  • Robot.txt
  • Sitemap: add your sitemap on Google Webmaster
  • Google developers: check page speed and how the website loads
  • verify 404 error pages


Thank you for reading our article on 5 ways to name your web pages for SEO. If you have issues with your nonprofit SEO or website building contact us today