Analyze Your Competitors Back Links, Social Media & Keywords

To make your nonprofit stand out you should understand exactly what your competitors are doing well and what they are lacking of. Look at their back links and keywords strategy to increase your own search rank and donations. 

We have lined up a strategy to understand your competitors back links, social media and keywords, so you can get ahead of your competition:

1- Analyze Your Competitors Back Links

Below are few very good softwares to analyze your competitors back links but remember always be cautious using back links softwares you find online. They often ask to pay a fee for information and it will not be accurate. Never pay to analyze back links, all softwares should be free. Use the back link softwares as follows:

  1. Anchor Text
  2. Site Explorer
  3. Backlink Watch


2- Analyze Your Competitors SEO on Social Media  

First, search for your competitors social media on Google Search. Enter your competitor's on Google search such as "" and add the social network within the URL. For instance, if your are looking at your competitor Twitter account it would be "".  Do this search for every social media platforms. 

Then determine if they have used advertising and promotions on their social media. Read posts or replies from their customers or donors. Understand the way your competitors interact with donors on social media and it will give you an idea of what they are lacking of or doing well and what their donors are unhappy about.


3- Analyze Your Competitors Keywords

1- First, understand the way people search the web for your competitors, look at the keywords associated with them on Google Search.

2- Then, look at their landing pages and the way they are optimized for SEO. Look for keywords and look for customers/donors questions. 

  • 3- Write the main keywords they use on their website and landing pages.
    •  Search the keywords on Google Search and see how high they rank. 
    • Combine all keyword phrase or a single keyword and analyze what comes up on Google Search

4- Keyword Planner: Identify profitable keywords they have been using and the ones with low competitions. Also, you can enter the url of one of your main competitor's web page and get an indication of keywords you should be using and look how they made use of them as well. 

5- Display Planner: Get industry trends, insights and ideas to reach ideal customers. 

The benefit of doing a competitors keywords search is to identify potential keywords for your landing page and understand how customers respond to the use of certain keywords so you can acquire new donors. 


In your competitors analysis understand their strength and weaknesses but get to understand yours as well. Understand the way your competitors back links are set up, their social media and how they use their keywords and you are on your way to build amazing landing pages and get ahead of your competitions. 

Thank you for reading our article! If you need help with your back links, SEO or keywords analysis and strategy contact us today. To learn more about us click here.