How to Boost Your Content Marketing & SEO 101

Have you ever wondered how content marketing and SEO work together? How you can work both at the same time, get awesome results and boost your conversions?

It is easy, we have lined up 10 essential simple tips for you! Follow them and see your search rank increase:

  1.  Only share quality content.
  2. Don't give up quality for quantity content.
  3. Respond to your audience comments on your blog and on social media everyday.
  4. Keep the sales pitch part of your informative content. As you are creating quality content always bring up information about your products and services to make a sale.
  5. Make sure to document your research through linking.
  6. "Know your stuff" meaning only talk about what you know! If you try to take on something you are not familiar with make sure you use quotes and name the author. Users want to hear about subjects that you specialize in and brand new information you can bring to them.
  7. Showcase your personality in the way you deliver your content. Build a style guide for your voice and tone and stick to it for all editorial posts. 
  8. Never copy a competitor work.
  9. Always focus your content to your target audience and donors to maximize your conversions.
  10. Always match your article title, url and meta description to increase SEO. You keywords have to be strategically used throughout articles such as in headlines.


Thank you for reading our article on 10 essential tips to boost your content marketing and SEO. If you have any questions or have issues with your content marketing strategy contact us today.