4 Steps to Build A Monthly SEO Action Plan

You have heard about SEO but you are not sure how to use it beneficially for your business or nonprofit? You have tried to update your website or blog posts with the right keywords but it is not boosting your search rank? You need a monthly SEO action plan. 

Here we will give you 4 steps to build a reliable monthly SEO action plan:

1- Diagnostic

You should make a clear diagnostic of internal opportunity you already have within your website. Opportunities can vary such as using the same keyword for your url, page description and page title. Then make a good use of a 404 page and avoid broken links. You should take a good look at each web pages and examine which keyword or keyword phrase you want to emphasize and base your page around it. There are a numerous of opportunities you can find in your web pages, start looking! 


2- Metrics and Weekly Measurement

You should study and understand your website analytics on a weekly basis. You can start by looking at how many visits you are having from Google on your website and which pages are receiving traffic. Then look at the keywords users are using to access your website and make a list of the 10 most popular ones. You should match these keywords with your website goals and integrate them into your web pages. For last, research your ranking on Google and look at your competitors, their keywords and what they are not doing right, so you can do it better!


3- Keywords and Content Opportunity

To find new keywords you can use keyword planner in Google AdWords and find new keyword opportunities. When you look for new keywords you want to pay attention to their level of competition, their number of hits and their bids. Ideally, you want to get keywords with low competition, that trigger a lot of searches and with a low bid amount. However, you should always keep in mind your content goals and the pages you are linking your keywords to as Google algorithm look at your landing page and their keywords to rank your website. 


4- Social Media and Public Relations

Google algorithm will rank you higher if you have a social media presence that has been established and successful. You should post daily on all social media and be sure to share your blog posts! What is most important when looking at social media and public relations to improve your SEO is to ask yourself the following questions: Who do I need to engage? Where should I engage? What can I do to stand out and be noticed? What existing initiatives need SEO? Answer these 4 questions to build your social media monthly SEO action plan.


To sum up, to build your monthly SEO action plan you should do a diagnostics within your website to find opportunities to improve your SEO you are missing out on, look at your website analytics weekly, find new keyword opportunities and integrate your social media strategy into your plan. 


If you have any questions or need help on your SEO plan and strategy contact us today!